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My Secret Rocky Horror Obsession

Updated on November 6, 2008

It's so hard to deny...

The "Rocky Horror Picture Show" obsession started for me my sophomore year in college. I was living with three friends, one of which was a lesbian who loved to dress as Frankfurter. She had Rocky Horror on VHS and made me watch it over and over again, when we traveled in her car the sound track would play nonstop. Now I tolerated this because it was a mildly amusing movie, and the soundtrack was hilarious. I in no way loved Rocky Horror. It was just okay. Then we went to see it performed live-my life was never the same.

There is just something extremely satisfying about yelling obscenities in a crowded movie theatre. Throwing things and sexual comments- so very, very addicting. I found myself going once a month, practicing my lines, and yes I even dressed like Magenta a few times. These outings I was always accompanied by my lesbian roommate and it was "our thing."

Then, I started casually dating this guy named, Brad, yes Brad. No, I wasn't mad for Brad, but he seemed like a nice enough guy. I hadn't informed him of my obsession, not on purpose, just didn't think to mention it on our dates. He then called me last minute as I was preparing to go out to a midnight showing of "Rocky Horror Picture Show." I was half dressed as Magenta as the phone rang, hair puffed out, face painted white, bra hanging out of my dress, I debated answering it for the simple fact that I didn't want my cell phone to get white paint on it. But eventually, my impulsiveness won over and I answered that fateful phone call and said he could come along.

I'm not sure what Brad was expecting, he wasn't a conservative guy by any means. On the surface I appeared much more conservative than he did, so I figured he'd at least have a fun time. Boy, was I wrong.

Throughout the night he pouted and acted bored. During the Time Warp he accidentally knocked me into a theatre seat and bruised me up. The final straw was when we stopped at a gas station at 2 am and I ran in to buy a drink, and he tried to forbid me to go in dressed the way I was. I promptly, hopped out of the car and took my sweet time picking out my drink.

Here's the kicker. After arriving back at my apartment, he asked if he could stay the night because it was so late! My answer was a poetic, Hell No, You ruined me and my lesbian's "Rocky Horror Picture Show!"

That was the last time I saw Rocky Horror for years, then while staying in Indiana with my very conservative cousin we saw a free show advertised and decided to attend. Now my cousin, is so conservative she has the parental controls on her television set to block "PG" rated shows. I warned her of what would happen and feared a repeat of the "Brad makes me soooooo mad date" but hoped for the best. She loved it.

Moral of the story, if you can't enjoy the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" with a lesbian and a girl with her bra hanging out, you just aren't cool enough for me.


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    • Scott Wilkins profile image

      Scott Wilkins 9 years ago from Denver

      Ah, I do have fond memories of being herded onstage to have a cherry eaten out of my mouth. Good times...