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My Ten Favorite TV Couples

Updated on June 23, 2008

1. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (I Love Lucy) ~ My childhood carries many memorable TV. Memories. The day I fell in love with Davy Jones of "The Monkees" and the day I watched my first episode of "I Love Lucy", it was the one when Lucy was attempting to do a commercial for cough syrup, but instead became drunk from having to do so many takes. They were so in love, so funny and so real. This is a comedy show that has surpassed all others with originality and consistent laugh out loud humor.

2. Archie and Edith Bunker (All In The Family) ~ I grew up knowing the Bunkers. I loved this show but loved the characters of Archie and Edith even more. Edith trying to relive an old memory and Archie slowly putting together a noose to hang himself was undeniably one of the funniest scenes in a comedy ever. The racism, sexism and political scene that was explored in that half-hour comedy show, is still to this day, an incredibly brave risk. An award-winning show that went on to spawn such shows as Maude and The Jefferson's.

3. Doug and Carrie Heffernan (The King of Queens) ~ The chemistry between Doug and Carrie is point on. The characters and the marital issues are so very easily relatable. No matter what crazy situation they found themselves in, Doug and Carrie always came out ahead. Even finding that they loved each other just a little bit more. Exceptionally well written, and a show no matter how many times you watch, you still find yourself eagirly wanting more.

4. Ralph and Alice Kramden (The Honeymooners) ~ An overweight bus driver and his too pretty waitress wife trying to survive in 1950's New York. They struggle with money and clash over who's really the boss, is forever entertaining. Scenes are filled with the funniest yelling and screaming matches, but still you instinctively sense how much they really love each other. This show is always able to offer comfort and reminds us how very little you need to be truly happy.

5. Martin and Gena (Martin) ~ The funniest sitcom to come out of the 90's. Martin and Gena were borderline insane and loving every minute of it. Martin Lawrence played an egotistical and very chauvinistic radio DJ, and big-headed Gena, played by the extremely talented, Tisha Cambell, was the even-tempered Executive. Put the two together and let the fireworks begin, pure comedy genius.

6. Roseanne and Dan Connors ~ "Roseanne" made it's debut in October of 1988 and ran for a successful 9-year span. Ultimately, eventually topping the number 1 rated Cosby Show. A more realistic view of family life and a sarcastically over-the-top housewife. Roseanne Barr proved to make this sitcom, one of the best of all time. Dan and Roseanne had their share of life's trials and small-town turbulence but still managed to get through even the most dismal with a laugh.

7. James and Florida Evans (Good Times) ~ No matter how much pressure the Evan's were under, James and Florida took it one day at a time and did their very best to raise their three children with pride and dignity. They lived on the poorest side of Chicago in a housing project, But still managed to provide food on the table and made sure all necessary life lessons were lovingly taught.

8. Homer and Marge Simpson (The Simpson's) ~ What bouffant-blue well-coifed mom of three managed to keep her household together and her ummm less than bright husband above board, at least most of the time? Marge is always being challenged and as nave as she sometimes can be, tries her best to maneuver Homer into a somewhat normal family life. Although, a cartoon couple, Homer and Marge could teach a lot of us mortals what true love and commitment should look like.

9. Rob and Laura Petrie (The Dick Van Dyke Show)~ The Dick Van Dyke Show ran in the early sixties and changed the face of television. One of best classic comedy shows ever to have graced our small TV. screen. Wholesome and yet still held an always amusing view of the adventures of suburbia. Dick Van Dyke displayed physical comedy at its best, and Laura's "Oh Rob" catch phrase pulled us in and made us root for them every time.

10. Ross and Rachel (Friends) ~ Ross and Rachel were one of my all-time favorite couples. Ross had a long-standing crush on Rachel Green since high school. Early episodes revolved around letting Rachel finally know how Ross has felt about her all those years. This all leading up to that unforgettable kiss they shared in the rain with the backdrop of U2's amazing "With or Without You". The kiss was a long-awaited culmination of intense romantic feelings that left the viewers, well at least me, breathless.


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