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NASA Drunken Revelry

Updated on July 27, 2007

It is getting worse and worse for NASA. Now it has been determined that they let astronauts fly drunk. There have been two specific instances, well that NASA admits too, in which flight surgeons and crew raised concerns about the ability of the astronauts to fly. Yet it was allowed anyway. Do people lack self control anymore? Do they lack the ability to perform their job without the crutch of alcohol? And at NASA, an organization which suffers from drawback after drawback; including, losing space probes, losing shuttles and lives. What exactly has NASA provided for us? Where is the structure and funding needed to bring us to space again?

Will NASA be able to recover from this, and from part two of the double whammy? It was also released that somebody had cut computer wires inside a computer that was bound for the space station. From early reports, it appears that it was done deliberately. Wonder if it was the drunken astronaut who decided to cut the wires?

The big question is where does NASA go from here? Can they recoup their dignity? The prestige they had when we landed on the moon? Or is NASA going to be going the way of other defunct sectors, not deemed necessary for the funding that it requires.


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