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NFL Receiving TD Leaders By Year—2000s

Updated on January 21, 2008

Randy Moss

Terrell Owens

Marvin Harrison


Randy Moss broke the NFL record for touchdown catches in a single season with 23 in 2007, breaking Jerry Rice's record of 22 that stood for 20 years. Moss was also one of the main reasons his quarterback, Tom Brady, threw for a record 50 TD passes and won the NFL MVP Award. Here is a complete list of players who have led the league in TD catches in the current decade:

2007-Randy Moss, New England Patriots (23)

People tend to forget that before he slipped into some bad habits in Oakland, Randy Moss was one of the game's best receivers while in Minnesota, and led the league in touchdown receptions three times before, including twice in the current decade. But in 2007, Moss was Tom Brady's primary target on the 16-0 Patriots, and broke Jerry Rice's record by hauling in 23 TDs. Moss had 98 receptions for 1493 yards.

2006-Terrell Owens, Dallas Cowboys (13)

Terrell Owens is known almost as much for his big mouth as he is for being a great wide receiver. But in 2006 while with Dallas, Owens really had a great season, in particular when Tony Romo took over for Drew Bledsoe at quarterback. Owens led the NFL in touchdown catches with 13, and had 85 receptions for 1180 yards in all. It was also Owens' third time leading the NFL in TD catches.

2005-Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers (12)

Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis Colts (12)

The Panthers' Steve Smith really came into his own in 2005, notching 12 touchdown catches, which tied him with the Colts' all-world receiver, Marvin Harrison, for the NFL lead. Smith also had career highs in receptions (103) and receiving yards (1563) in 2005. Harrison, meanwhile, caught 82 passes for 1146 yards.

2004-Muhsin Muhammad, Carolina Panthers (16)

Panthers' wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad led the NFL in receiving TDs in 2004 with 16, a year before he signed with the Bears as a free agent. That season, Muhammad caught 93 passes for a league high 1405 yards, the latter also being a career high.

2003-Randy Moss, Minnesota Vikings (17)

While he led the NFL in TD receptions in 2003 with 17, the Vikings' Randy Moss also had career highs in catches (111) and receiving yards (1632). Moss averaged an astounding 102.0 yards per game receiving as well.

2002-Terrell Owens, San Francisco 49ers (13)

In his next-to-last season in San Francisco, 49ers' wide receiver Terrell Owens caught a career high 100 passes for 1300 yards and 13 touchdowns. The 13 TDs led the league, Owens' second year in a row doing so.

2001-Terrell Owens, San Francisco 49ers (16)

In 2001, Terrell Owens really started to become the great receiver he's known as today. Owens had a league-leading 16 touchdown catches, while hauling in 93 passes in all for 1412 yards.

2000-Randy Moss, Minnesota Vikings (15)

It was Randy Moss' second time leading the NFL in touchdown catches, with 15, and the second of four times overall in his career. Moss caught 77 passes for 1437 yards, in only his third season in the league.


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      courtney brown 9 years ago

      i think randy moss should keep the jersey number 18 cause thats the number i want to be and i think he look tight with the number 18

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      courtney brown 9 years ago

      randy moss is my fovorite player he is #1 and he should be on a good team like the team he on the patriots should trade for jamarcus rusulle