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NFL Rushing TD Leaders By Year—1990s

Updated on March 4, 2013

Terrell Davis

Emmitt Smith

Barry Sanders


In addition to guys like Emmitt Smith, Terrell Davis and Barry Sanders, there are a few NFL running backs that would surprise you when you hear that they led the league in rushing TDs. Here is a list of those players who led the NFL in that category in the ‘90s:

1999-Stephen Davis, Washington Redskins (17)

Stephen Davis was one of those bruising fullback types who was, naturally, hard to tackle. In 1999, Davis led the NFL in rushing touchdowns with 17. He also rushed for 1405 yards, averaging 100.4 yards per game.

1998-Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos (21)

Though he only played parts of seven seasons and had a career cut short by injury, Broncos' running back Terrell Davis was a big part of the teams that won two Super Bowls in the ‘90s. One of those seasons was 1998, when Davis rushed for a league high 2008 yards with 21 TDs, which also led the NFL. He also caught 25 passes for 217 yards and 2 more TDs as a receiver.

1997-Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos and Karim Abdul-Jabbar, Miami Dolphins (15)

You know who Terrell Davis is, but you might only think of Abdul-Jabbar as a basketball player for the Lakers. Davis rushed for 15 TDs in 1997, which tied him for the NFL lead with Abdul-Jabbar of the Dolphins. Davis carried 369 times for 1750 yards, and Abdul-Jabbar 283 times for 892 yards.

1996-Terry Allen, Washington Redskins (21)

Terry Allen had a very productive, if slightly under the radar career as an NFL running back. But in 1996, Allen rushed for 347 times for a career high 1353 yards and a league leading 21 rushing touchdowns. Allen also caught 32 passes for 194 yards.

1995-Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys (25)

Emmitt Smith leads the NFL in rushing yards, and also in rushing TDs all-time with 164. And he picked up a lot of those touchdowns between 1992 and 1995, when he led the league in that category three times out of four. In 1995, Smith rushed 377 times for a career high 1773 yards, and his 25 TDs that led the NFL also were a career high.

1994-Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys (21)

In 1994, Emmitt Smith rushed 368 times for 1484 yards, and led the NFL with 21 rushing TDs. He also caught 50 passes for 341 yards and one more TD.

1993-Marcus Allen, Kansas City Chiefs (12)

Another steady player who was always contributing numbers to his team's production, running back Marcus Allen also led the NFL in rushing TDs in 1993 with 12. That season, Allen carried 206 times for 764 yards, and added 238 yards and 3 more TDs as a receiver.

1992-Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys (18)

Emmitt Smith led the NFL in both rushing yards (1713) and touchdowns (18) in 1992. This was the first of three Super Bowl winning years for Smith's Cowboys. Smith also caught 59 passes for 335 yards and a TD out of the backfield.

1991-Barry Sanders, Detroit Lions (16)

Barry Sanders is considered one of the greatest running backs in NFL history, but he only led the NFL in rushing touchdowns one year, with 16 in 1991. That year, Sanders carried 342 times for 1548 yards, and caught 41 passes for 307 more yards and 1 more TD.

1990-Derrick Fenner, Seattle Seahawks and Cleveland Gary, Los Angeles Rams (14)

In his first full season in the NFL, Seattle's Derrick Fenner tied the Rams' Cleveland Gary for the lead in rushing TDs in 1990. Fenner rushed 215 times for 859 yards and 14 touchdowns, while Gary carried the ball 204 times for 808 yards and the 14 TDs.


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