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NFL Total Points Leaders By Year—1970s

Updated on April 1, 2008

Frank Corral

OJ Simpson

Garo Yepremian


Points leaders in the NFL are usually kickers, but sometimes a running back or receiver can step up and score enough touchdowns to take the lead in that category. Here is a complete list of those leaders from the 1970's year-by-year:

1979-John Smith, New England Patriots (115)

Patriots' kicker John Smith led the NFL in scoring two straight seasons, 1979 and 1980. In 1979, Smith converted 23 of 33 field goal attempts and 46 out of 49 extra points, for a total of 115 points. The 33 field goal tries were also an NFL high that year.

1978-Frank Corral, Los Angeles Rams (118)

Frank Corral only kicked in the NFL for four seasons, all with the Rams, and in his rookie year of 1978 led the league in scoring with 118 points. Corral connected on 29 of 43 field goal attempts (both league highs that season) and 31 of 33 extra points. Corral went on to play for a few more years in the USFL.

1977-Errol Mann, Oakland Raiders (99)

Kicker Errol Mann had a few seasons with over 100 points early in his career, but the only time he led the NFL in scoring was in 1977 while with the Raiders. That season, Mann converted 20 of 28 field goal attempts and 39 of 42 extra points for 99 total points.

1976-Toni Linhart, Baltimore Colts (101)

Austrian born kicker Toni Linhart had some good seasons in the NFL, but none better than in 1976 when Linhart led the league in scoring. That year, he connected on 20 of 27 field goal attempts and 49 of 50 extra points for 101 total points scored.

1975-OJ Simpson, Buffalo Bills (138)

Running back OJ Simpson had an incredible season in 1975, and wound up leading the NFL in scoring. That season, Simpson rushed for 1817 yards with a career high 16 rushing touchdowns. He added 426 yards and 7 more TDs as a receiver, giving Simpson 23 total touchdowns for a total of 138 points.

1974-Chester Marcol, Green Bay Packers (94)

Kicker Chester Marcol is the only player on this list that led the NFL in scoring two seasons in the decade. In 1974, Marcol topped all players with 94 total points. He converted 25 of 39 field goal attempts (both NFL highs that year) and 19 of 19 extra points.

1973-David Ray, Los Angeles Rams (130)

Though he only kicked in the NFL for a few seasons, David Ray put up some big numbers, including 1973 when he led the league with 130 total points while with the Rams. That season, Ray was 30 of 47 on field goal tries and 40 of 42 on extra points.

1972-Chester Marcol, Green Bay Packers (128)

1972 was Chester Marcol's rookie season and he really broke into the NFL with a bang. That year, Marcol led the league in scoring with 128 total points. He connected on 33 of 48 field goal attempts and 29 of 29 extra points.

1971-Garo Yepremian, Miami Dolphins (117)

Garo Yepremian had three straight seasons with 113 points or more, but only led the NFL in scoring one of those, in 1971. That year, Yepremian connected on 28 of 40 field goal attempts and 33 of 33 extra points for a total of 117 points.

1970-Fred Cox, Minnesota Vikings (125)

Kicker Fred Cox led the NFL in scoring two straight seasons, 1969 and 1970. In 1970 while with Minnesota, Cox converted 30 of 46 field goal tries and 35 of 35 extra points for a total of 125 points. The previous year, Cox led the league with 121 total points.


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      Bowen Li 9 years ago

      We can't directly compare point totals for people at different positions because their job functions are different. Wide receivers don't score in the same way as kickers. It's just like comparing the salaries of office managers and garbage/refuse/rubbish collectors. In other words, there is no comparison