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NFL Total Points Leaders By Year—1990s

Updated on February 11, 2008

Emmitt Smith

Mike Vanderjagt

John Kasay


Amazingly, only one player who wasn't a kicker led the NFL in total scoring during the ‘90s. That was Dallas running back Emmitt Smith, who led the league with 150 total points scored in 1995. Other than that, kickers led each season. Here is a complete list of those leaders by year in the decade:

1999-Mike Vanderjagt, Indianapolis Colts (145)

It's almost like bad karma came back to bite Colts' kicker Mike Vanderjagt in the butt. He called out his coach and the Colts' lack of defense after a season-ending playoff loss a few years ago, prompting a feud with QB Peyton Manning. And after signing with the Cowboys as a free agent in 2006, Vanderjagt lasted 10 games before being released and not kicking again in the NFL since. But in 1999, he was in his prime, and led the NFL in total points with 145, on 34 of 38 field goals and 43 of 43 extra points.

1998-Gary Anderson, Minnesota Vikings (164)

Gary Anderson had a very long, illustrious kicking career in the NFL. But in 1998, he was literally perfect for the Minnesota Vikings, and was the first player ever to accomplish perfection. Anderson kicked 35 field goals in 35 attempts, and was 59 of 59 in extra points, giving him a league-leading 164 points.

1997-Mike Hollis, Jacksonville Jaguars (134)

Mike Hollis only kicked in the NFL for eight seasons, but in 1997 he made it count when he played for the Jaguars. That season, Hollis, kicked 31 of 36 field goals and 41 of 41 extra points, for a total of 134 points scored, which led the NFL.

1996-John Kasay, Carolina Panthers (145)

John Kasay has been an NFL kicker since 1991, and he's been with the Panthers since their inception in 1995. In the 1996 season, Kasay led the league in total points with 145, as he connected on 37 of 45 field goals and 34 of 35 extra points.

1995-Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys (150)

Emmitt Smith remains the all-time leading rusher in the NFL (as of 2007), and in 1995 Smith led the league in total points scored. He rushed for career highs in yards (1773) and touchdowns (25). The TDs gave Smith a league leading 150 total points.

1994-John Carney, San Diego Chargers (135)

Journeyman kicker John Carney played for the Chargers during their Super Bowl year of 1994, and that season led the NFL in total points scored with 135. Carney had 34 of 38 field goals and added 33 of 33 extra points.

1993-Jeff Jaeger, Oakland Raiders (132)

Kicker Jeff Jaeger played for the Browns, Raiders and Bears during a 12-year career in the NFL. In 1993, Jaeger led the league in scoring, as he nailed 35 of 44 field goals and 27 of 29 extra points for a total of 132 points.

1992-Pete Stoyanovich, Miami Dolphins (124)

Kicker Pete Stoyanovich had some of the best years early in his career while playing for Miami. In 1992, Stoyanovich led the NFL in total scoring, as he had 30 of 37 field goals and 34 of 36 extra points, giving him 124 total points.

1991-Chip Lohmiller, Washington Redskins (149)

In 1991, Chip Lohmiller helped lead the Redskins to the Super Bowl title, and it was during the regular season that he had his best year, aided by a prolific offense. Lohmiller led the NFL with 149 total points, on 31 of 43 field goals and 56 of 56 extra points.

1990-Nick Lowery, Kansas City Chiefs (139)

Nick Lowery had a long career, and played mostly for the Chiefs. In 1990, Lowery led the NFL in total scoring with 139 points. That season, he was 34 of 37 in field goals, and 37 of 38 in extra points.


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