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Natural remedies for a Sunburn

Updated on November 2, 2008

I have a few wonderful natural remedies for sunburn. Take vinegar, it can be apple cider, white or red wine vinegar, and place in a bowl with some ice cubes. With a washcloth, gently wipe the cool solution on your sunburn. Another thing that works is lemon or lime juice. If using the fresh fruit, just cut it and smooth it over your skin. If you are using a concentrate out of a bottle, dilute it with water before applying to the skin.

Another wonderful remedy is vanilla extract. Because of the cost of vanilla extract, I recommend this for only small areas or serious localized burns. You just soak a cotton ball in the vanilla extract and apply it to the burn. It has to be real vanilla extract though, imitation will not work.

Remember to keep the area of the burn clean. By this I mean, don't apply layer after layer of creams or sunburn products, without first washing off the old product. Residue stays on the skin and does not allow the burn to breathe and heal. So remember, in between applications of anything you are using, gently clean the burned area and reapply whatever remedy you are using.

I am not a doctor, but a Chef by trade, who has had her share of burns of different sizes. I am also a very fair skinned person of partial German descent. I have used all of these remedies with success and hope they work for you. However, if you are really seriously burned, you may consider the proper medical attention.


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    • alifh profile image

      alifh 7 years ago from Indonesia


    • DingoCyber profile image

      DingoCyber 9 years ago from Lawrence, KS

      Mexican Vanilla extract costs less than regualr, and you get a large amount.

    • New Day profile image

      New Day 9 years ago from Western United States

      Thank you so much! That is interesting about the vanilla extract. My grandmother always said to use it for local burns while baking in the kitchen. Much appreciation. New Day.

    • Chef Kimberly profile image

      Chef Kimberly 9 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      You are very welcome!! I'm glad I could help you out.

    • raguett profile image

      raguett 9 years ago

      Thanks for the tips....I really needed it...I can feel the burn soothing already..LOL thanks...see my hubs for some home remedies for soar throats, fevers and more..