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New York Giants’ All-Time Passing Leaders (Yardage)

Updated on September 2, 2008

Phil Simms

Charlie Conerly

Eli Manning

Super Bowl XLII Drive


Chances are, when you think of great Giants' quarterbacks, Phil Simms is one of the first names that comes to mind. But it may surprise you how far out in front of everyone else Simms is career-wise in passing yardage for the team. He also led them to their first Super Bowl win, Super Bowl XXI after the 1986 season. Here is the all-time Top 10 in passing yards for the G-men:

Phil Simms (33,462)-Simms was the Giants QB from 1979 to 1993, though while he battled injuries early in his career, Scott Brunner started a lot of games in his place. When he did play, Simms was tough, gritty and very efficient. He took a franchise that had been losing for many years, and along with defensive leaders Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson, helped bring them back to their winning ways. Over his career with the Giants, Simms completed 2576 of 4647 passes for 33,462 yards, ranking him first in Giants' history in passing. He also threw for 199 touchdown passes with 157 interceptions. His best season was 1984, when Simms passed for 4044 yards with 22 touchdowns.

Charlie Conerly (19,488)-Conerly played for the Giants from 1948 to 1961, and ranks second in team history with 19,488 passing yards. Conerly threw for 173 TDs as well, and his best season was his rookie year of 1948. That year, Conerly threw for 2175 yards with 22 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

Kerry Collins (16,875)-You may not even think about Kerry Collins as a top Giants' quarterback, but he ranks third in team history with 16,875 yards. Collins also led the Giants to Super Bowl XXXV, where the team lost to Baltimore, 34-7. Collins threw for 81 touchdowns and 70 interceptions during his Giants' career (1999-2003), and his best season there was 2002, when Collins threw for a career best 4073 yards (Giants' single season record) and 19 touchdown passes.

Fran Tarkenton (13,905)-Fran Tarkenton ranks fourth in Giants' history with 13,905 yards and played for the team from 1967 to 1971. Tarkenton's best season as a Giants' QB was 1967, when he completed 204 of 377 passes for 3088 yards and 29 touchdowns to 19 interceptions.

Eli Manning (11,385)-Eli Manning has been the team's QB since 2004, and he's already fifth in team history with 11,385 passing yards. Manning also helped guide the G-men to an incredible Super Bowl title in the 2007 season, and was the Super Bowl XLII MVP. Manning's best regular season performance was in 2005, when he threw for 3762 yards with 24 TDs and 17 interceptions.

Y.A. Tittle (10,439)-Y.A. Tittle is one of the more recognizable names on this list when you talk about great Giants quarterbacks. Tittle played for the Giants for just four seasons (1961 to 1964) and ranks sixth in team history with 10,439 passing yards and 96 TD passes. In 1962, Tittle passed for a career high 3224 yards, but his best season overall was 1963, with 3145 yards, and 36 touchdowns to just 14 interceptions.

Dave Brown (8806)-Dave Brown had the difficult task of following the legend that is Phil Simms and played for New York from 1992 to 1997. Brown nevertheless ranks seventh in team history with 8806 passing yards. His best season for the Giants was 1995, when Brown threw for 2814 yards with 11 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

Scott Brunner (6121)-Scott Brunner and Phil Simms seemed to be swapping places at the starting QB position every other game in the early ‘80's. Brunner was with the Giants from 1980 to 1983, and ranks eighth in team history with 6121 passing yards. He had a gun for an arm and was usually pretty accurate. Brunner's best season with the G-men was 1983 when, despite 22 interceptions, he threw for a career best 2516 yards with 9 TD passes.

Craig Morton (5734)-Craig Morton was the Giants' quarterback during a very dark time in the franchise's history, from 1974 to 1976. His 8-25 record during that time says it all. But Morton still ranks ninth in Giants' history with 5734 passing yards. His best season for the team was 1975, when Morton threw for 2359 yards and 11 touchdown passes.

Norm Snead (4644)-Norm Snead also had a short stint with the Giants, from 1972 to 1974, but also racked up decent yardage, and ranks tenth in team history with 4644 passing yards. Snead's best season in a Giants' uniform was 1972, when he threw for 2307 yards with 17 TDs and 12 interceptions.


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