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No Confidence In The Flesh

Updated on February 7, 2008

No Confidence in the Flesh

Passage : Php: 3:3b

"We put no confidence in human effort. Instead We boast about what JesusChrist has done for us."

Men of the world have found many sources of confidence. Education is among them, that's why as a business education has flourished much in the country. For a great number of men and women have sought their MAs, MBAs, PhDs believing firmly that it will take them higher into the ladder of their careers. Education is truly a great investment that has proven its worth again and again.

Another source of confidence is a high-paying, sophisticated job in a prestigious topnotch corporation. What could be greater than a six-digit income with an office in the heart of the world's most progressive business district. You name it, you have it, all your dreams are within your reach even the most expensive tropical vacation. Or how about a very high and powerful position in the government, maybe a seat in the Senate or an office in the President's cabinet. When you get there you must really be big time, a great somebody that cannot simply be ignored. Somebody that has been a part of the nation's history.

Men have endlessly pursued the great things the world could offer as a constant source of confidence in this life. Even many Christians fall into this prey. Are these things men hold dearly could really be a true source of confidence? For the great beloved Apostle Paul, there is only one true source of confidence and that is his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He died to all the vain things of the world. Although Paul a man of great education, a man highly esteemed in his society, bid farewell to all these cherished credentials to commit his life to become a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. From now on he focused on seeking the knowledge of Christ as his only source of confidence.

For what is seen, all the things this present world could offer, is just temporary. What is unseen, the Kingdom of God and all its glory is for eternity.

That's why we can never completely rest our confidence upon the things the world could offer, they are bound to fade away with time. Just like Paul, we should also rest our confidence on our relationship with Christ. For it is the only thing that will last for eternity.

GOD bless you all,

Cristina Santander


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    • profile image

      Suraphel Bogale 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot...Blessings

    • cristina327 profile image

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 9 years ago from Manila

      Thanks babybrownfox for taking time to read his hub. God blss you and regards.

    • babybrownfox profile image

      babybrownfox 9 years ago

      Hi Cristiana, this is a nice hub about confidence.. thanks for sharing..

    • cristina327 profile image

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 9 years ago from Manila

      Thanks Wehzo for appreciating this hub. May ou be blessed always.

    • profile image

      Wehzo 9 years ago

      You are so right Cristiana. Misplaced confidence can, and often does, put us in the wrong place. Very good article.