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No One Can Hear You Scream On The Internet

Updated on February 12, 2008

On the Internet, no one can hear you :-@ (scream)... or laugh, cry, giggle, blush or use any other the other thousands of emotions that we humans use to convey our emotional feelings to others. It is very important to not only be concise in what you say, but in how you say it too.

The "wired world" may allow you to share messages with someone a city away, a country, and even half way around the world, but keep in mind that local slang is always in play and what may mean one thing where you live/work may mean something else entirely where it is being read.

There are stories abounding about how a crucial message was interpreted incorrectly because of the wrong choice of words or the incorrect interpretation of emotional content to the words used.

Be sure you convey the correct message and tenor of your conversations and misunderstandings will not occur.

Here is an (almost) complete list of keyboard emoticons you can use to make your messages more lively, friendlier and better understood:




Smiling, with a nose


Small-skewed-button-nosed smiley


Ironic / devious smile




Very sad


Upset or annoyed






Shouting loudly


Puckering for a kiss


Your lips are sealed


You have a moustache


Big mouth (Talked too much)




Wear / Wearing glasses


Wear / Wearing cool shades


Wear / Wearing a toupee


I'm a chef / cook


I'm Santa Claus


A (long stemmed) rose


Love (or hugs) & kisses


You are left-handed


You have been staring at a screen for hours


You are drunk


You are a robot


You are a little girl


You are a big girl


You are a vampire


You are a buck-toothed vampire


You are a buck-toothed vampire with one tooth missing


You have just made a wry statement


You just ate something sour


You drool


You have a cold


You are crying








You are so happy s/he is crying


You are screaming


You wear braces


User has a big nose


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    • maham profile image

      maham 10 years ago

      nice and cool hub

    • jaymz profile image

      jaymz 10 years ago from USA

      cool smilies