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No TV For Five Days: Day 4

Updated on August 8, 2008

Day 4: August 7, 2008

This is the fourth day and I still find myself turning towards to the TV, wanting to turn it on. I caught myself a few times, quickly reminding myself that I am still abstaining.

The day went pretty well--no headache, no major issues. It was actually real nice because my husband and I got to spend some time together. And by this I mean real quality time--talking, laughing, cuddling for a bit. He asked me to make this for dinner:

Caprese-Style Steak
Caprese-Style Steak

Caprese-Style Steak Recipe

He even bought the ingredients already! It took me about an hour to finish everything, but wow! It ended up tasting pretty good, if I do say so myself. I used our cute white square dinner plates to make the salad and steak look all nice and presentable. I felt like I could be a chef at a nice restaurant!

Nice Evening Walk

After dinner, we decided to take the dogs for a nice walk in the early evening. The weather was about 70 degrees and was just perfect. Along the way we stopped and met one of our neighbors, who has two dogs the same as ours (pugs!). We ended up talking to her for a while and got to know her and her dogs. I was happy to run into to her because she can be a potential customer for my home business. Also, I always like people who like to rescue pugs =). Her older pug, Rosie, has her tongue sticking out, like the pug photo on the right. I think I read somewhere that some dogs have tongues that are just naturally like that. It is a little harder for them to eat but it's no major problem.

A happy couple
A happy couple

In This Life, Marriage Should Come First

Later that evening, my husband commented that we actually get to spend more time together when we're not in front of the tv. When we are staring at the screen, we are in the same room together but we're not really spending time together. It's always nice to remind ourselves of why we are married and how we'd like to live our lives, always trying to improve ourselves and our relationship. I hope that when we have kids, we don't forget these things. Here is one of the websites he told me about, and I still look back at it from time to time:

Eight Keys to a Happier Marriage

Well, that's it for Day 4. It's Friday now, so it's going to be harder to stay away from the TV when the weekend rolls along. We'll see how it goes...


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    • byee profile image

      byee 9 years ago

      LOL Ana...thanks!! I'll write about how Day 5 went later. Right now it's Saturday evening and we are about to turn on the TV for the first time this week!!! =D

    • profile image

      Ana Louis 9 years ago

      Well done byee, I think it is safe now to say congratulations. It will be interesting to know how it goes later. I try to withdraw from TV once-in-awhile, but I'm older than you, and well you know...old married folks talk less and snore more...TV covers up the noise.