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Now Dumbledore Is Not Gay Enough For Gay Harry Potter Fans

Updated on October 23, 2007

Donna Gays, Dumbledore Not Gay Enough? - Don't Get Me Started!

Well, it was bound to happen; mere moments after J.K. Rowling "outed" main wizard, Dumbledore at her Carnegie Hall performance last Friday the gays were all over it. If you read my blog yesterday you'll know that I was really more concerned about the fact that once again my Gaydar hadn't gone off when reading ALL the Harry Potter books. But apparently some of my fellow gays just feel that Dumbledore should have mentioned in one of the seven books that he was indeed gay and because he didn't they're all fluffed up about it. Now pals of mine when someone gets all riled used to say, "Simmer Down" then it evolved to "Donna Simmer" until finally it just became, "Donna." (yes, feel free to use it) So I say, "Donna gays, Dumbledore, not gay enough?" - Don't Get Me Started!

An article I read this morning about this topic went on and on about how in seven books you would think that it would have come up either by Dumbledore's own admission or being outed by some other character like, I don't know, Perez Weasley? The author even suggested that the most dramatic way for the reveal would have been if on his deathbed Dumbledore had told the world while he was dying that he was gay. Well, on my deathbed, I intend to be talking about something other than the fact I'm gay. I'll probably be talking about how Ann Miller is coming for me and teaching me how to do nerve taps, sensational kicks and turns. (Cross your fingers, let's hope that's who they send to "cross me over")

Sure, who doesn't like to see themselves or a part of themselves in the books they read? But as far as saying that the Potter gang went through pimples to marriage in the series and we could have used Dumbledore being a bit gayer to me is like saying we needed to have a chapter where Hermione went for a Pap smear. Excuse me, these are fantasy characters and I don't want to hear about them taking a shit or really even having sex.

My take on it is that we should all be delighted that J.K. Rowling is evolved enough to have written a major character that we have found out is gay and MOVE ON. I don't need to hear all the Monday morning quartergaying saying that the reason Dumbledore never mentioned he was gay is because he is filled with self-loathing. (According to Rowling, the only relationship he had was when he was young and the other wizard went over to the dark side.) Speaking of the dark side, the article I read talked about C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars being an old couple of queens (although they stated that R2D2 was a butch lesbian so I don't get how they could really be a couple but that is beside the point). The author of the article then goes on to ask how could Dumbledore be gay and not have had sex in something like 115 years? And wouldn't that make Dumbledore seem like a priest or something and make you feel all oogly about his doting on Harry?

Well as far as this gay is concerned, I'm just fine as can be with Dumbledore being gay and having never talked about it. Does that make me less of a gay? I think not. And all the "outing" craze frankly bores me. Maybe had Snape been more like Isaiah Washington, we would have found out about Dumbledore. Or maybe if he'd been in a boy band we would have had a splashy outing or maybe, just maybe, Dumbledore was like a lot of us, fine with his sexuality but didn't need a rainbow colored wand to prove it. And again I say, "Donna gays, Dumbledore, not gay enough?" - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • profile image

      Zoey 6 years ago

      Dumbledore is definitly not gay it is ridiculous to say that!there is no hint in the books! i mean seriously why did she say that shit?(not that i´m against gay poeple but what the hell has gay to do with the Harry Potter books and with Dumbledore?!) there are a lot of men who are not gay but they are single! this was just PR

    • profile image

      Katia Maka 6 years ago

      Dumbldore is gay and Daniel Radcliffe is not verry nice beacuse a nid a 9t Harry Potter or 10

      . Dumbldore is old and ded!

    • profile image

      Eliga 6 years ago

      A love a lot Harry Potter but people say Harry is gay . A dont belive tat. A would d'où sex whit him but a am only 20 years old. I am not a wizard , also Harry is Daniel radcliffe . Jk rowling make al the Harry Potter book.A am a french personne so somme words could be speld rong. A love you Harry . If you are a wizard tell me. If your not dont comme.()()

    • profile image

      I WannaBeAWitch 6 years ago

      ...Okay i know you guys are being all philosophical and stuff, and I respect that, honestly!! But...I pray to god and Jesus that there will be a spin-off book with a young, gay Dumbledore struggling out of the closet with his friend Grimwauld but his side. (I think that’s what is name is, there are so many characters in the books I forget them a lot)

      I, no pun intended, adore that crazy head master, and when I heard he was gay I screamed and jumped around my house and couldn't stop smiling for the next three days while thinking: ‘Finally!! At last justice in pop culture for the gay-man and lesbian-woman, Thank the God’s to J.K Rowling!! I gotta write something for the occasion’ (As I am a fanfiction authoress and don’t quite get why everyone hate’s our kind of fandom display) , The thing is, I know that this entire thing could be some jab at religion, a way to make the series even more popular among gay teen and adults, or a gateway for half-fans to make smutt-cartoons with a young Albus as front and center or simply just to stir-up controversy over her own books and/or homosexuality.

      I have, infact, read of a woman joining a Harry Potter Book burning but not actually reading or watching the movies or books, and she openly admits it, but I've been swept up by it and I’ve been going crazy with this, trying to find out if there are other people in the HP gang that are gay, a pity that Harry got lumped with Ginny, a female version of Ron I gotta say. I was hoping for something more exciting, that JKR would end it all with a kiss over the elder wand and the Voldemort(Sp?)-brother wand (Newly repaired of course) But it's all hopes in vain (I think Fred had some Curiosities though, but it could just be me.) But Enough of a ramblings of a teenaged-fangirl, and get to specific points.

      Dumbledore is gay, Dumbledore isn’t REAL, Harry Potter is a Popular Series and franchise, The books I a about WITCHES, WIZERDS, and OPENLY ADMITS TO THE DARK ARTS as a profession in the HP universe. Dose any of this really Matter?

      Yes and No.

      These books, these movies are for ENTERTAINMENT. And Because these are, infact, books and people gain their philosophy and their ideals subconsciously from books, movies and video games (A sad but true fact amongst Americans, Canadian and Afghanis every where...not quite sure if that last one is politically correct though) JKR is saying it’s okay to be gay, as long as you’re happy with who you are. Thousands of millions of Kids, teens, and adults alike read these books with a happy vigor, because they are a great literary piece of art!! Despite the accusations of being in league with Satan, JKR is a great writer and a great person.

      So please, priests, nuns, average God-fearing, hate-loving, racist-bastard men, woman, and everyone in-between, get off you’re high-hoarse and accept the fact that not everything in the world is going to go you’re way, there will always be homosexual-lovers in the world flocking to my end of the content to wed, there will always be wiccan’s in place’s like Salam, and there will always be things like these around.

      Okay, I am sick of this. Read the Books, watch the movies, and realize it’s all just harmless fun! Stop having such a phone poll stuck up you’re ass. Remember, in YOU’RE world God will hate you if you do have anything stuck there and you’ll burn in hell for all eternity because of it.

    • crashcromwell profile image

      crashcromwell 9 years ago from Florida

      I think there was a reason why Dumbledore tipped his hand regarding his sexual preference throughout the 7 books - I don't think Rowling cooked up this idea until after all the books were written. I've read each of these books cover to cover multiple times and never got a sense that he was gay. When Rowling made the comment, at the end of her book tour, my immediate thought was that this was a way for Rowling to take a jab at the Christian Right, who had tried to have her books banned for years.

      It does seem strange to me that Rowling would choose to reveal a major character trait after the series was complete, which suggests to me that while this may be the end of Harry Potter books, there may yet be a spin-off series involving, perhaps, a younger Dumbledore.