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Now I'm Racist? Don't Get Me Started!

Updated on March 31, 2008

I've been called a lot of things by a lot of people; before, during and now that my blog is well over two years old but the one thing I have never been called (until now) is racist. The thing about this is that much like the great song from the Broadway musical, "Avenue Q" (are you surprised that once again I look to Broadway to express myself? If you are surprised, then you haven't been reading my blogs) I too feel we're all a little bit racist. That's America, warts and all in my opinion. I guess the larger shocker is that this comes on one of the most inane blogs I think I ever wrote (awhile ago) which remains a "top read" blog from my over how many hundreds of entries through the years. It was the blog about the faux hawk hairstyle and why I felt (and still feel) it needs to just go away. You can read it here if you'd like - and while I have a feeling that the commenter is talking more about my recanting of having my hair done in Beverly Hills where there were a line of Hispanic women shampooing hair instead of my disdain for the very large, "white, white, whiter than white" boy wearing a faux hawk, I have to say the whole thing has left me confused. Now I'm a racist? - Don't Get Me Started!

From blogging for so long, it's odd but when a comment is posted on one of my blogs and I get notified via email, I have developed a sense about them that just from the name of the person (or sometimes the anonymity some choose) and the name of the blog, it allows me to immediately know what's coming my way. I can pretty much tell you that the blog I wrote about American Idol leaving Africa to Oprah always brings in negative criticism. None have brought such scathing hatred though as the one I wrote about people not going sleeveless over forty. And others bring lots of joy to people, like when I wrote about common acts of niceness. (The easiest way to find and read these blogs is at and type in somelikeitscott) But when I got the email telling me that someone named "Kevin" had commented on the faux hawk blog, I just knew instinctively that this was not going to be good. How or why I don't know. True, at first I thought that Kevin was probably a bitter queen still wearing a faux hawk and was going to give me "what for" and although it proved not to be that, I knew it wasn't going to be a rave review.

I could go on a tear about why I'm not racist (as I've said many times before, my life mate is a black man for over nineteen years now and I'm a short Jewish boy) but I don't think that would make Kevin or me feel better about things. I guess what gets me is that I felt like I was reporting the facts about the Hispanic women not judging (for once). So maybe that's what took me by surprise. I don't know. And I doubt seriously that Kevin will ever read this or write in again but if it makes him feel any better, it made me reread and think about what I had written. (And decide I'd write it exactly the same way again.)

Yes, I think we're all a little racist and I am no exception to that rule but my surprise was at my reaction at being called a racist. As I said, I've spent a lifetime of being called names but none really took me aback as much as the "racist" moniker. (Okay, maybe the fact I'm constantly called, "Ma'am" even when I'm standing in front of people unshaven takes me aback a bit.) But just maybe in a good way, it means we're all becoming more conscious of the fact that we're racist and that it's really not a good thing to be and it makes us feel shameful. Or I'm just going to hell as the "supposed" Christians keep telling me. Either way, I'm a lot of things but now I'm a racist? - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • martinez65 profile image

      martinez65 9 years ago from Washington

      What's more, I believe you dissed the beehive. Lordy, I feel a case o' the vapors comin' on.

    • blangrehr profile image

      blangrehr 9 years ago from Spartanburg SC

      First let me just say, “I don’t understand the article”, I’m bald. Not by choice mind you, but never- the- less, bald. I’m educated, as a matter of fact, most of my life is spent in school, but I didn’t recognize any of the hair styles you mentioned. On the other hand, I can find no reason for you to be called a racist by Kevin. I’ll admit that I peeked at your website. It made me smile, you remind me of a dear friend from college that I have not seen in years. I miss him, despite the constant drama.

      I guess, Kevin is either smarter than we are, or not very bright at all. I choose the first. See ya.

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Well, thank you and thank you. And no, I have no idea why he called me a racist - the comment about the Hispanic ladies was all I could figure - if you find something else, let me know.

    • blangrehr profile image

      blangrehr 9 years ago from Spartanburg SC

      I’m a Christian and I don’t think you’re going to hell. I just found hubpages, and now I look forward to going back and reading your hubs. So, I guess I’m glad this “Kevin” made you angry and you responded with this hub. Now did “Kevin” say you were a racist because of the comment about the Hispanic ladies?

      Anyway, I’ll start with the article in question.


    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      And so I shall - and you'll always be an "invited" writer to me!

    • Uninvited Writer profile image

      Susan Keeping 9 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

      There was nothing racist in that hub. Ignore Kevin...