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Now They Stole The Starbucks Tip Cup!

Updated on July 7, 2008

Don't tell me that we're not getting more and more desperate here in America. I don't know if it's the gas prices, people losing jobs or just that America's Got Talent (supposedly) is back for another season but the natives are getting restless and desperate. That's right, as if Americans weren't stressed out enough, all of the above factors and more are turning us into a band of pirates who would eat the parrot right off our captain's shoulder. And as if you needed any more evidence, now they stole the Starbucks tip cup - Don't Get Me Started!

It was a typical Sunday morning and I stumbled out of bed and went to the kitchen (to grab my keys to go to Starbucks for a "cup of ambition" - yes, in my world you need to know Dolly Parton AND the movie/song Nine To Five). As I arrived at my Starbucks by my home (my weekend Starbucks location) there were a few baristas that I hadn't seen in a while and it was like a big reunion. One of them heard the commotion and came from the back saying, "What's going on here?" And then upon seeing me said, "Oh, it's you, Scott. You're a celebrity around here." Which of course made me feel really swell, so swell in fact that there was going to be a larger than usual tip from me. And so after paying for my liquid crack, I looked down to place the change (and then some) into the square plastic container that usually contained tips. It wasn't there but the one at the other register was there so I place the money in that one, asking the cashier what happened to their tip cup? She looked at me a little confused but we all went on talking until the shift supervisor seemed to hear us in a delayed universe and went straight for where the tip container had once been. She knew in an instant that someone had taken it. One of the baristas said, "I can't believe someone would do this with all five of us here on the bar this morning. I think I'm going to cry." True, she may have been a little melodramatic but in a way can you blame her for feeling as though someone had violated her? They had, they had taken away part of her income for the day. The shift supervisor sent one of the kids out to the parking lot to see if the thief had at least left the actual tip cup on their way from the scene of the crime. It was not to be found. Come on kids, haven't the Starbucks kids been through enough lately with the closing of 600 locations looming?

Stealing the change cup at a Starbucks is bad and although I'm talking about it in what is hopefully an amusing way, I have to tell you that I think we're going to start seeing more and more of this type of behavior. My family has all ready been attacked by desperation when my father's old Suburban had the gas siphoned out of it. That's right, sitting right in their driveway someone sucked the gas out of my Dad's car! And so my father bought the locking gas cap but I've heard that people are actually not even screwing with unscrewing the gas cap and are splitting the gas line to drain cars of their gas. It's all too shocking. I'm shocked that anyone knows how to even do that but I guess that desperate times call for desperate measures. Or does it?

At the end of it all, we all have to co-exist, right? So let's not get all "Alive" (the book about the people who went down in a plane somewhere I think in the Andes Mountains and ended up having to eat one another to survive) on one another, shall we? I get it, that the government doesn't seem to be listening and the price of everything is going up while people are losing their jobs but come on kids, let's at least try to be decent to one another, shall we? After all, do you really think that the baristas at Starbucks are like the executives getting richer and richer at the oil companies? And aren't you hurting yourself and our society on some level when you knock down or steal from your fellow man who by the way, just happens to be in the same situation as you (or worse?).

(Get ready for the subversive homosexual agenda in me to raise its ugly head in the next sentence). Shouldn't we be worrying more about our economy, people's jobs, healthcare and where we're going to get our next oil fix instead of spending all our time worrying about "the gays" getting married and adopting children? Couldn't we take all the money, time and effort being spent to pass laws against the homosexuals and use those resources to find solutions to real problems affecting all of us? Just a thought. Hey, I know that people aren't going to stop trying to stop us gays from having rights but anywhere I can say I think it's wrong, I'm going to say so.

There are a lot of things wrong out there but let's do something right, okay? Let's at least let the baristas have their tips as they may not have their jobs soon and as I asked in a previous blog, what will happen to the baristas? This new breed of people that Starbucks created. Will they become extinct or will they just end up buying their own espresso machines, standing out on corners like the people who sell fruit and the Sunday paper - selling their coffee curbside?

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