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Nursing Time Management: 3 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress With Time Management in Nursing

Updated on July 26, 2008

Poor Nursing Time Management: How it Starts

Are you stressed out at the end of each and every day? Burned out? totalled out?

Since nursing is such a demanding career, you have patients to take care of, there is so much emotional stress, you have to face losing patients you've grown close to, co-workers who've been injured at work..and so much more..

And, let's face it..nursing is probably the only career that requires such a high level of attention to detail 24/ 7

To make matters worse..there's the issue of having too much to do and not enough time...

Poor Nursing Time Management is a HUGE cause of stress among nurses and when you think about makes sense..

We go through life and nobody teaches us how to make priorities (let alone prioritizing on the spot...which is what you have to deal with as a nurse!)

Here's some easy ways to manage your time as a nurse, get organized, become more efficient and above all...keep sane!!!!!

3 Easy Ways to manage Your Time in Nursing

1. Learn to make effective to-do lists

Yes, I know things change so fast in nursing and yes, I know that makes it incredibly difficult to make to-do lists's essential if you want to stay sane and avoid burn out!

Write down all the tasks you need to do (leave plenty of room for unexpected and urgent tasks)

Now, prioritize these tasks..I like using A-E prioritization..

Here's a quick explanation from my other hub on Time Management for nurses

An A level task would be something that's critical, a B level task would be something that's very important but not as critical as A, a C level task would be nice to d but can be left off, D would specify delegating the task to someone else to free up your time or to get a better quality result.

And, an E task is something that you can totally erase from your to-do list..

2. Keep a notepad around

When you are a nurse, things change so fast and there are so many things that demand your attention. If you try keeping them all in your head...guess what?

You're going to stress out, become inefficient and lose clarity. (And, an unclear nurse = highly ineffective nurse)

Keep a notepad and pen..note everything down.. EVERYTHIG that your supervisors want you to do, everything you need to do (even at home. it's alright if you remember you need to get milk before you go home while you're at work, just write it down and get back on track!

3. Make a commitment to better Nursing Time Management

You will experience some road bumps as you try to manage your time's to be expected. What you need is a commitment to do it.

A commitment to your profession, to your standards on how you're going to treat your patients, a commitment to your family, to your other goals, to yourself and your life!

You, your family, your co-workers and your patients deserve a highly organized, efficient YOU!

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