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ALERT! 1oz Equals Energy, Clarity and Get R Done Motivation

Updated on November 25, 2007

Burning The Candle At Both Ends? Need A Lift?

I don't know about you, but as a single Mom, grandmother of two toddlers (ages 3 and 1), software developer, network marketer, business entrepreneaur and avid reader, I burn the candle at both ends, daily.

Most mornings I was starting my day with a Redbull, and then drinking caffiene (coffee, soda, iced latte's) all day, every day to stay "afloat". See, without the extra caffiene during the day, my crash after the Redbull would drive my productivity into the dirt. This vicious cycle of caffiene during the day, little sleep, then more caffiene also meant that when I would lay down, my sleep was restless and I woke up several times during the night. Yuk.

No more.

I drink one ounce of ALERT! when I get up, and I am firing on all cyclinders in 10 minutes flat. Just after lunch, I swig another ounce, and I am good to go all day, all night.

The best part?

My sleep has improved. Not the amount of time I spend in bed, but the quality of my sleep. I feel better when I get up.

ALERT! is energy, the natural way. It contains all-natural energy-producing nutrients including acai, aloe vera, d-ribose, green tea extract, guarana extract and taurine. ALERT! also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D, E and H. In this liquid form, ALERT! is absorbed by the body up to three times faster than pills, giving you maximum absorption of these vitamins, minerals and herbs for optimum results. So why drink several synthetic energy drinks every day? Just one ounce of ALERT! can supply you with time released natural energy that can last 4-7 hours.

Use ALERT! to provide a boost in the morning, to get through that long work shift, to increase athletic performance, to provide healthy alertness for studying or to provide an after hours boost.

Recently, a customer wrote in to share with us this amazing story.

About 4 years ago my 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with narcolepsy. She is on medication, and has been for years, but recently I started including your products Alert and Less, and I have noticed a real change in her. She is awake more during the day, even after cutting out her 2nd dose of medicine; we are getting more of her.

With 2 doses of her prescribed stimulant she may stay awake while in school, but after school, riding the bus home and doing her homework, I have to stay on her to keep her awake. When school started this September, she was unable to receive her second dose, (I had to wait on her doctor's appointment) so I started giving her Alert in the morning with 1 dose of her medicine, and there was a noticeable change, but the biggest change was when we started mixing the Alert and the Less, she stayed awake during school, and after school, she finished her homework, and watched her favorite shows until it was bed time. She is doing the normal things kids her age do, and that to me is a blessing.

Thank you!

-- Arlene G

ALERT! is sold as a kit containing one 32-ounce bottle, four 2-ounce bottles and four product flyers (to share with your friends). The 2 ounce bottles can be used for travel or to share with others.

I throw a 2ox bottle in my back pocket when we go out four-wheeling. A little sip, and I am like the Energizer Bunny, I just keep going and going.


Tired of the crash 4 hours after you drink Redbull, Monster or Rockstar? Worried about the side-effects of these "so-called" energy drinks? Then you really need to try ALERT! by Nussentials. ALERT! will give you instant energy, mental clarity, tons of vitamins and zero crash. Just 4-7 hours of energy. Period.

To get more info, please visit the Alert Info Page.


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    • profile image

      Ernie Gio 9 years ago

      I don't make comments on anything and I don't believe I am doing this but...... ALERT! is something I have been looking for a long time. I had problems with energy and my doctor said, "ramp up your exercise' but I already work myself to the max at gym then 'You must have low iron' and after a bunch of test and thankfully negative, I was lucky to find ALERT!. Starbucks is not going to like this because I am off coffee and I thought I would be drinking coffee for the rest of my life for energy. When I fall asleep it's deeper and sounder and well rested. I could go on.....I still don't believe I commented.

    • profile image

      Sean O'Conner 9 years ago

      Being 25 years old I naturally have a thing for energy drinks. Not only do I like the way they taste, but also in my generation it's a fashion statement to be walking around with your favorite energy drink. The only problem with liking the typical energy drink out there is what's in these things! Having lots of sports injuries and drinking a typical energy drink or even coffee made my body and mind become extremely jittery, and then it would become very painful, until finally I would totally crash! I wouldn't be able to focus on anything because my body was literally going into spasms! When Nussentials came out with their all-natural energy drink I was excited to try it! If it worked half as well as the other products I knew it would be awesome! When I drink ALERT! I can feel my eyes open wider, my thoughts become clearer, and I have a smooth energy for hours without crashing or my body tensing up! I can now sit at my computer for hours with complete energy and focus!!! Thank You Nussentials for ALERT!

    • Cenay profile image

      Cenay Nailor 10 years ago from Prescott Valley, AZ

      Alert to the rescue at Thanksgiving!

      I brought some out to a friends house for Thanksgiving because I don't go anywhere without it, and it came to the rescue this weekend! We were all burning the candle at both ends cooking, cleaning, and entertaining. By 8pm our butts were dragging. I brought out the Alert and just a small sip each, and we were ready to go! We didn't have to end the festivities early and were able to continue the party until well into the night.

    • profile image

      Sallie 10 years ago

      This is the first energy product I have ever been able to take. Everything else gives me the shakes or gets me revived up only to hit bottom drastically. This just keeps me nice and even all day. No afternoon let down. It's great

    • Cenay profile image

      Cenay Nailor 10 years ago from Prescott Valley, AZ

      Received another customer testimonial I thought I would share with you:

      ALERT! is absolutely awesome! Sometimes around 2-3 pm I get tired and just one little swig and in minutes I am clear and focused again, without having to take a nap!And if I want to go out at night, or have an evening presentation, I take a swig before I leave the house and in minutes I am clear and focused - and ALERT!Thank you Nussentials!-- TKOT