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LESS! Spare Tire? A Little Fluffy? Drop It.

Updated on November 20, 2007

I started LESS! 8 weeks ago, and started losing inches within the first 2 weeks. Finally got on the scale to clock my loss at 16 pounds (and counting), just by drinking a home-made "Mocha Joe" for breakfast. Sweet.

Losing the weight has a "downside" though. Yep, I have to replace my wardrobe. There is also a side effect I noticed... for the last 30 years, I have suffered from terrible allergies requiring me to take something every day.

Moving to Arizona helped, but taking LESS! has reduced my allergies to almost non-existent. Imagine my surprise when I realized I hadn't taken any allergy medication in 4 weeks!

I called the company to find out why, and learned my "side-effect" wasn't the only one. Others were reporting better sleep, loss of allergies, mental clarity and more energy.

Nussentials explained that LESS' contains stablized rice bran, a new supplement that is standing the health industry on it's ear. Doctor's results and Clincial Trials are showing benefits with diabetic's, people with liver abnormalities or high cholestrol. It's no wonder using LESS! had such profound effects.

LESS! contains high quantities of protein, dietary fiber (both soluble and insoluble), water soluble vitamins such a B-Complex vitamins, fat-soluble Vitamin E, phytosterols and important minerals such as potassium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorous. Synergistically, these nutrients help to provide considerable energy as well as nutrition for the body to help achieve optimum health.

Want to know if LESS! is right for you? Want to see more personal testimonials? Have questions?

Visit my Nussentials LESS! product info site.


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    • David Cowley profile image

      David Cowley 10 years ago

      Food allergies can also cause unwanted weight gain.

    • Cenay profile image

      Cenay Nailor 10 years ago from Prescott Valley, AZ

      Update! Lost another 3 pounds -- painlessly.

      Nussentials offers a Tuesday night "support" call for all those trying to lose weight. Started last Tuesday on those hour long calls and have enjoyed the "fellowship" and talking to people struggling with the same thing.

      I gave birth 21+ years ago and weighed 138 at the time. I haven't seen it since! But with Nussentials and LESS!, I finally feel like it might be a possibility again.