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RELAX! Because You Deserve It

Updated on November 13, 2007

RELAX! Our Gourmet, Richly Scented, Natural Soy Candle Set

Aaaaaah RELAX! Whether you are in the mood for relaxation, revitalization, or simply want to add fragrance into a room, Nussentials Aromatherapy Soy Candles are for you! The essences of aromatherapy candles can restore balance and harmony to your mind, body and emotional spirit. Our organic soy candles are made using 100% pure soy wax and 100% pure essential oils, which are all pure natural, plant-based ingredients.

I have asthma myself, and had been long denied the joy of burning candles, until I found these. Now, I unplug the phone, close the blinds, put on some music and light a couple of these candles. Within minutes, I am relaxed.

Listen, I am a single Mom, grandmother to two toddlers (ages 3 and 1), a custom programmer, network marketer, blogger, avid reader, motorcyclst, video creator, and mentor to 12 budding MLM'ers. I burn on own candle at both ends, if you will pardon the pun. Sometimes, I just need to relax.

Perhaps you need to unplug for minute yourself? Breathe in the soft lavender scents and let the day wash over you. These long burning candles get my vote for great Christmas gifts too... asthma or not, they are a cost effective, all natural way to tell someone you care.

RELAX! is sold as a two-candle set. Each candle is in a 6.75 oz. tureen glass jar with metal lid and each is double wicked with lead-free cotton wicks to provide a smooth even burn. The burn time per candle is up to 57 hours with proper care.

The candle set contains two fragrances, Lavender Fields and Natural Citrus.

Lavender Fields is made using pure Lavender essential oil and gives off the essence of Lavender fields in full bloom. Its aromatherapy benefits will impart soothing and calming feelings that will relieve stress and provide relaxation.

Our Natural Citrus blend is made using Sweet Orange, Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit essential oils. It is a light, uplifting, and refreshing aroma. Its aromatherapy benefits will revitalize you and nourish positive emotions.

Relaxation, stress release and energy stimulation are common physical benefits associated with the use of aromatherapy candles.

So, RELAX! Promote wholeness, health and well-being in your life with Nussentials Aromatherapy Soy Candles.

RELAX! Aromatheapy Candles Make Great Gifts

RELAX! comes packaged in a set of two because giving the gift of balance and harmony in mind, body and spirit is a marvelous way to say you really care. That's 114 hours of pressure relieving, stress reducing, pleasurable relaxation in every box. Only thirty cents per hour ($0.30/hour)! Order an extra set for herself, because you deserve RELAX! just for thinking of someone else.

To get more info on RELAX Candle sets, please follow the link shown.

Visit to see what else we offer
Visit to see what else we offer


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