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RUN! Pain Relief With No Side Effects

Updated on November 13, 2007

Do The Stairs Give You Trouble?

Do you pause at the bottom of stairs and "prep" yourself for the pain that climbing to the top will give you? Have trouble brushing your teeth or getting dressed? I feel your pain.

Arthritis seems to run in my family, affecting my Dad, Sister, Step-Mom and at least three cousins. For years they have suffered the diabilitating pain of arthritis.

No more.

Nussentials has come out with a product that gives you back your life. Our customers are writing in to tell us the life changing effects of being pain-free again. Here are just a couple of testimonials we have received:

I have had a rotator cuff problem on my right side for some time. There were times when I could not raise my right arm to get my shirt or dress off. Just a couple of months on RUN!, and I no longer have a problem in my shoulder!

I also have arthritis and carpel tunnel in my left hand that would sometimes bring tears to my eyes. The pain is much more manageable now that I am taking RUN! Also affected by RUN! is the tension in my neck (from stress and standing in heels) and a herniated disk both in my neck and lower back. I used to be in such pain from a day of showing real estate or standing to do an open house. No longer!

My workouts are more productive because I am able to do more. Lately the weather outside has been so nice that I have been doing more "Walk-Jog-Walk". Before RUN!, it was "Walk-walk slow-walk". I am jogging again... what a wonderful, freeing feeling!

-- Terry O

I was diagnosed with arthritis when I was in high school, and have been on various medications continuously since then. For the last 5 years I have been taking several AleveĀ® every single day. If I didn't, I would experience moderate to severe pain in my back, knees, and other joints. I have been taking Run! for several months, and about 2 months ago I quit taking Aleve. Last month I got a thank you card from my liver and kidneys.

-- Tim J

RUN! is a capsule providing nutritional support to ease minor every day aches and pains while supporting joint health and enhanced flexibility. It helps in rebuilding the joints and reduces joint inflammation. RUN! is a tailor made preparation, using stabilized rice bran as its base ingredient, which is then fortified with joint essentials. It's all natural and provides a well-balanced, natural combination of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals to promote overall joint health.

RUN! is helping people all over the U.S. take back control of their lives, and letting them live pain-free.

Want more info about Nussentials RUN! and see if it will help you?


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