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Of Cars And Cell Phones

Updated on March 19, 2007

Of Cell Phones And Cars - Don't Get Me Started!

So there are a couple states that are trying to make it illegal for teens to use their cell phones while driving. Some other states are trying to outlaw text messaging while driving for teens. It's supposedly all about the bad teen drivers but as someone who uses their cell phone while driving (of course I use a Bluetooth headset usually because I'm very bi-techual) let me just say that we all need to admit that driving and talking on the phone is not a good thing. Of cell phones and cars - Don't Get Me Started!

That's right, using a cell phone in a car absolutely distracts you and anyone that says it doesn't is a complete liar. How many times have you had to ask yourself if the light you just went through was green, yellow or red? Yes, this happens when you're driving without talking on a cell phone but I think it happens more often when you are talking on a cell phone. Now let me say that I have been on the freeway and seen people reading newspapers, books and applying makeup. All of these activities should be left for the bathroom of your home and not for driving, especially in freeway traffic.

Having said all of the above I have to say that I try to be more hyper sensitive to the roadway when I'm on my cell. Yesterday I was on my cell phone without my headset and was turning left when a car traveling the opposite direction from me turned right. I was in the left lane and he was in the right lane. As the driver of the Ford Festiva from the 80's started driving alongside me, he drifted from his lane (right) into my lane (left). There was no turn signal, no anything. And then, just as I was being astonished and pissed off about the fact that he drifted into my lane and I had to slow up as to not cause a collision, he then began drifting until he was actually just driving down the middle of the road! Honestly, he was centered on the two lanes. I did what anyone would do, I honked my horn. I saw him look in his rear view mirror and correct himself so that he was back in the left lane. Then he did it. He made a gesture like he was holding up a phone to his ear (no doubt mocking me) and then flipped me off! I got in the right hand lane and sped past him. True, I was on my cell phone but I had stayed in my lane the entire time while he was drifting from lane to lane to the center of the damn roadway! And yet I'm sure the story he told his friends and family was that there was this crazy driver on his cell phone behind him who honked at him for no reason.

Recently during a garage sale at my mother's (a long story and a blog definitely for another day) one of our looky loos (didn't buy a thing, after finding that we didn't have any military items - as if Jews would) started in a whole story (unsolicited) about how he had been rear ended four times, each time by a woman on a cell phone. He just shook his head in a way that has rarely been seen since the 1950's when men blamed women drivers for everything. The point is that there are a lot of bad drivers out there and while I agree putting a phone in the mix is not good we also have to face the fact that some people are just bad drivers who get on our nerves. And as unbelievable as it may seem, bad drivers come in all forms - men, women, teens and old people.

So let's admit that we're all less than great drivers when on a phone and teens who have been driving for less time are even worse. We should all give up the cell phones for our own safety as well as others. Let's face it, with all the really bad drivers out there do we really need to arm them with an additional distraction? Of cell phones and cars - Don't Get Me Started!

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