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Updated on July 7, 2008


Protocol between hospitals that are part of the Program for Intervention

in Ophthalmology signed on June 28, in Beja.

Beja was the city chosen for the signing of the protocol between the hospitals
that have high performance in the Intervention in Ophthalmology Program (IOP).
The ceremony was chaired jointly by the Prime MinisterJosé Sócrates, and the 
Minister of Health, Ana Jorge.
The lynchpin of the programme is based on developing a network of high
performance centers consisted of the following hospitals:
Hospital Santa Maria - Lisbon 
Hospital Centre of Lisbon Central 
Hospitals, the University of Coimbra 
Hospital of St. John - Porto 
Hospital Jose Joaquim Fernandes - Beja (Central Hospital of the Lower Alentejo)
The main objective of IOP, launched in May, is to tackle the waiting lists, in
ophthalmology, reducing the wait for six months for an appointment for five
months and the waiting time for an operation for cataracts.
José Sócrates hopes that this measure "puts the National Health Service, in the
field of ophthalmology and in particular with regard to cataract operations, with
the best indicators at the level of good international practice."
To make this a reality, the Ministry of Health is going to invest 28 million
euros in contracts with public hospitals,75 thousand and 30 thousand first
consultations surgeries in additional production, which will be held
between July 1, 2008 and June 30 in 2009.


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