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Online Exposure to Music | Top 10 Songs I Love

Updated on July 26, 2008

My Online Journey to Find Great Music

by Jerod Morris

The Internet never ceases to amaze me with its ability to be such a profoundly efficient and omniscient vehicle for exposure. Exposure to ideas. Exposure to facts. Exposure to culture. Exposure to commerce. Exposure to people. I could go on and on…(but that would not be very interesting content, and one might think I was spamming the search engines for the keyword “exposure”).

If I were to make a Top 5 List of Things I Am Thankful To The Internet For Exposing Me To, the first thing I would do is come up with a more concise name for the list. Next, I would consider where “Exposure to Music” would fall in the top 5. There is no question it would be in there. My first impression is that it would be right at the top, with only Exposure to Immediate Access to News, Exposure to Fantasy Sports Leagues, and Exposure to Social Networking Sites having a chance to compete.

Back in the day (mid- to early-90s for me) it used to be that I had to wait to hear a song on the radio, or see a video on MTV, or receive a serendipitous recommendation from an enlightened friend to find good music. Now, it is all right at my fingertips. For my first official personal HubPage post as a member of the OrangeCast team, I figured it was only appropriate for me to celebrate this exposure to new music that I am so thankful to the Internet for giving me. So many of these songs would be on the soundtrack if they ever made my life into a movie; and without the Internet, I may have never come across them.

So without further adieu, and in no particular order, here is my list of The Top 10 Songs I Am Eternally Thankful To the Internet For Exposing Me To:

"9 Crimes" by Damien Rice

The first time I ever heard this song was at the end of an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (back in the second season when I still watched that show, which is now pretty much driveltastic as far as I’m concerned). The song played during a dramatic climax of a very good episode. I was mesmerized, far more by the song than by the show…but the synergy of the two was powerful. Back before Al Gore invented the Internet (tongue planted firmly in cheek here folks), I would never have known what this song was unless they listed a credit at the end of the show, which they usually do not. Because of the WWW, I was able to jump online and go to a Grey’s Anatomy forum where people were discussing this episode that had just ended minutes before! Sure enough, people were asking about the song and someone knew the name of it. I downloaded it immediately. It is a great song, though only for certain moods. If you are at a party and want the chicas to start dancing, this is not the song to play; but if you’re feeling contemplative, a little sullen, or even working through some angst, 9 Crimes is perfect.

"Ali in the Jungle" by The Hours

One of the greatest gifts I ever received was a CD entitled Indie Christmas. The name of the CD was clever because it was given to me by my best friends Nico and Edie when I was living with them in Indianapolis. It was a mix CD of his favorite indie songs that he had found while listening to streaming indie radio stations online and to XM radio in his car. This is a fantastic song about triumph, overcoming the odds, and never giving up. It is perfect for a workout CD, an upbeat driving mix, or if you’re putting together a CD of songs that could have been featured during a training montage in a Rocky movie.

"Hey Ya (Acoustic)" by Matt Weddle of Obadiah Parker

YouTube gets major props for this one. Perhaps you have the seen the video of the portly, bearded man playing an acoustic version of Outkast’s “Hey Ya” on his guitar. I was completely blown away when I first heard this song. I honestly do not even remember how I first came across the video, just that it was completely random and a perfect testament to the fortuitous exposure made possible by the WWW. “Hey Ya” was a great hip hop song, and loses none of its greatness when translated by the simple acoustic strumming of Weddle, who is also a good singer. In fact, the slower pace allows you to appreciate some pretty interesting and entertaining lyrics as well.

"I’m Yours" by Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is one of my favorite artists. He has been since the very first time I heard “The Remedy” on the radio while driving in Bloomington, Indiana back during my college days. Soon after falling head over heels in love with his first two CDs, I downloaded every song of his I could find online. One that I found was an unreleased acoustic song called “I’m Yours.” It immediately jumped into my Top 5 Jason Mraz Songs of All-Time. This was three some-odd years ago. The studio version of this song (not as good as the original acoustic version!) is just now getting popular on the radio. There is something satisfying about seeing so many people get to know and love a song that has been so near and dear to your heart for so long. This is another song that is just a beautiful love song, and I have never, ever gotten tired of listening to it…even when I just loop it over and over again on my iPod.

"I’m In Love" by Geoff Byrd

While we’re on the subject of love songs…this another great one. I found this one searching underground music on a site called If I’m not mistaken, I think he was one of the first artists featured on to make it “big.” He’s not a superstar by any means, but more people know about him now than did three years ago when I first found this song. Is it a bit cheesy? Yes. Are the lyrics pretty much devoid of any significant depth and somewhat overbearing in their use of metaphor? Yes. Is it a fun song to listen to and a great song to dedicate to a girl you’re really into? Abso-freaking-lutely. Download it and let it be your guilty pleasure, as it has been for me.

"Electric Feel" by MGMT

This is another song that was on the Indie Christmas CD. There is no real story behind this one, but I find myself including it on every mix CD I make for people. The beat is intoxicating, the words are catchy, and this song is as comfortable on a mix CD for your girlfriend as it is on a party mix. I never tire of this song.

"No Need to Cry" by Records Record Records

Full Disclosure: A very good friend of mine, Davey Heritier, wrote and performs this song with his new band Records Record Records. He was previously with a band called Austin Bridges, and they are absolutely my favorite band I’ve ever seen perform live. I have not seen the new band as much, but they have the potential to be even better. And this is why I love the Internet. Because of sites like HubPages, and my good fortune to work with OrangeCast, I have the ability to talk about my friend’s incredible music and hopefully expose more people to it. This song in particular is the kind of song that John Lennon would have written if he were alive today. I can think of no greater praise for it than that.

"Dig" by Incubus

Another song I found long before it became popular on the radio thanks to the Internet. This song I found because it was a MySpace profile song of a friend of mine. Lyrically, this is one of my favorite songs of all-time. This song absolutely describes what true friendship is about; everyone needs someone who can dig at them, and bring out their best. Plus…it’s Incubus. So musically, it’s really good as well.

And now…drumroll please…as we move onto the Top 2 spots…

"See These Bones" by Nada Surf

I know I said that I was not listing these in any particular order, but this one and the next song are #1 and #2. The order oscillates, but they are the top dogs. I do not know what to say about this song that does it justice. I love it. Every time I listen to it. The best compliment that I can give this song is that I made it into a ringtone and never got sick of it. I love how the song starts out slowly and builds to a powerful crescendo. I love the insightful yet paradoxically obtuse nature of the lyrics. I love the almost angelic quality that the lead singer’s voice takes on during certain moments of the chorus towards the end of the song. This was another song from the Indie Christmas CD, and it is the greatest single gift Nico and Edie have ever given me, besides the privilege of being best man at their wedding.

"I Will Follow You Into the Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie

I was browsing some bands on MySpace Music (a great way to find new artists) and stumbled upon Death Cab’s site. I had heard of them, but had never really taken a listen to their music. This song was on autoplay and it was absolutely love at first listen. I immediately downloaded the song, and pretty much listened to nothing else for a week. In my estimation, it is the perfect love song. Granted, it may sound slightly morbid upon first listen, but listen closer. Close your eyes and watch the beautiful story being painted by the brush strokes of the lyrics and melody. This song, to me, defines what true love is. It is the song that I will always wish that I had written. I’m just thankful someone did, and that it somehow found its way onto my iPod. This song is sublime.

With these ten songs I’ve tried to not only provide you with ten really, truly excellent songs; but, I also wanted to show the wide range of ways you can be exposed to music online. I do not doubt that are millions of other ways, and I encourage you to share in the comments the best songs you have found online and how you found them.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll leave you with a list of some other great songs. Check ‘em out, and enjoy!

"Sunrise" by Yeasayer

"Breathe Into Me" by Red

"You’re a Wolf" by Sea Wolf

"Shooting Star" by Air Traffic

"Collarbone" by Fujiya and Miyagi

"Sittin’ On a Chair" by Rich Hardesty

"Ooh La La" by The Faces

"On My Way" by Ingram Hill

"Traded It All" by The Franchize

"Forever My Friend" by Ray Lamontange

"Bridge To Nowhere" by Sam Roberts Band

Okay…that’s all for now. If I get a response from this post, I have plenty more songs to share. But please, please, please…return the favor. The only thing I like better than sharing good, new music is finding good, new music!

(P.S. I included a couple of links to MySpace pages for Records Record Records and The Franchize, both of which feature good friends of mine. I would have linked to all of the bands, but did not want to violate HubPages' very worthwhile policy of no more than two links to one domain per hub. But please check out all of the artists included in this hub by searching them in Google, Myspace, or wherever you find music. And if you like what you hear, support the musicians by paying for their music or at least commenting on their pages to let them know how you feel. Musicians make our world an infinitely more beautiful place with through their contributions. Let's let them know we appreciate them!)

Jerod Morris - Account Manager/Copywriter, OrangeCast

That's me on the right, in my new favorite picture, at Edie and Nico's wedding a couple weeks back.  It was an honor to give a toast to two of my greatest friends and the creators of the Indie Christmas CD!
That's me on the right, in my new favorite picture, at Edie and Nico's wedding a couple weeks back. It was an honor to give a toast to two of my greatest friends and the creators of the Indie Christmas CD!


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    • OrangeCast profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Dallas, TX

      It's a fantastic song. I will always be partial to the first version I heard, which is just Mraz and his guitar (with a cool overlay effect at the end). But it is just a simple and wonderful song. Have you heard "I Will Follow You Into the Dark?" Definitely check that one out...

    • glassvisage profile image


      10 years ago from Northern California

      As per usual, I was expecting most, if not all, of the songs on this list to be ones I've never heard of. I am not familiar with all of the songs (though I've heard of the artists before), but I was somewhat surprised to find "I'm Yours" on here because it's so popular, and it usually doesn't seem like those mainstream songs end up on these lists. It's one of my favorite songs and has made me tear up on many occasions. I'm glad you've enjoyed it for so long :) I felt like an idiot when I tried to show this to my boyfriend, and he was like, "Yeah, it's been on my iPod for years." Sigh.


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