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Online socializing a wakening experince

Updated on May 30, 2008

Like many people I have been online for numerous years, but I have always used the inernet as a tool, for research for games ad programs things like that. In recent years I became more into sending emails to family with pictures and stuff, still sending cards and such to be more pesonal. But as I have begun my career as a freelance writer I have realized social net working, not just posting my articles on other sites but actally socilizing with poeple and of course family is very benificial.

Earlier on this year I signed up for facebook, at first it was just to have keep in touch with my family but when I realized how many people were on there, it was mind blowing. For those of you who have joined facebook, my space or what ever I'm sure are already familar with the vast amount of people networking and not just for fun but for bsness and to find love an so many other reasons. I have reconnected with old school mates and people haven' t seeen in years, some I had their phone numbers and never called but I send and recieve messages frequently toand from them. This socializig has help grow my traffic and gain some reconition.

Soon I will be even adding facebook page strickly for fans an potencial clients, this I have heard is great way to cintinue promoting my name and what I offer. Of course just being a touch with my friends and family is a bonus.

Anyway I just thought for those of you who thought chatting and socializing is a waste of time tat you might want to know really it can be very helpful. Check out,,

there are so many I will complile a list and add it shortly. Take care and happy socializing.


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    • profile image

      samyria 9 years ago from goshen,alabama

      nice very in fact i need to socialize

    • profile image

      samyria 9 years ago from goshen,alabama