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Project Runway, Season 4 Episode 9, Even Designers Get The Blues

Updated on January 29, 2008

PR4 Episode 9, "Even Designers Get The Blues"

Kit's departure has left Victorya with Kit on the brain as the episode begins with "V" calling Sweet P "Kit" more than once. No surprise that Ricky is feeling down and on the verge of tears (again) but it's off to the runway to meet Heidi.

Another model gets auf'd but does anyone really care? They really haven't let us see too much of the models this season so this could happen off camera and I don't know that anyone would mind except the auf'd model and her mother.

Field trip with Tim to a pier where the designers receive their challenge - Create an iconic denim look using Levi's 501s and cotton. As the designers run to choose their denim who can't love watching Chris take off like a shot and then falling to the back of the pack? (God love him for trying so hard). As the designers race to get their denim, most play nice with the exception of Victorya who when asked by Chris about some jeans laying on the floor tells him, "those are mine" and then in a voiceover she explains that she's a "pretty competitive person" - yeah, we get it.

Back to the workroom and while Ricky decides to go back to his lingerie roots in his design (maybe he'll finally do something good), Christian and Chris fight over advice for Sweet P on how to get the dirt from her denim. During the boys' exchange, Chris gets my quote of the week talking about Christian, "It's so cute to see youth" <eye roll>! While the non-stop talking of Christian gets a line in that comes as a close second to my quote of the week with his, "Oh my God. I'm gonna die of barfness!" Sweet P is making an earth mother denim wedding gown. Rami's off on a usual Rami toot, explaining that he isn't an American designer per se and we get some background on baby Rami. Both Jillian and Victorya are making coats...hmmm...didn't you ladies just do last week? Come on girls, surely there must be at least one other idea in your head? Okay, maybe not. And is it just me or do I not see anyone using the white fabric?

I don't know about these designers. They didn't know what "avant-garde" meant and now I don't think that they get what iconic denim and cotton is either. When I think of Levi's 501s and white cotton I go right to James Dean. Is there no one going to update the whole jeans and t-shirt look? Obviously they all think it's enough just to be working with denim to make an iconic look...they're wrong.

Tim's sage advice is as always dead on with the judges. He convinces Sweet P to abandon her "Happy Homemaker" looking wedding dress, can't convince Chris to take a second look at his side pocket with fraying (which the judges admonish him for later) and cautions Victorya and Jillian. Meanwhile, he goes crazy for Rami's "fabulous" zipper seaming idea. Is it just me? Did no one watch the season three finale when Jeffrey did this with what I thought was a God awful green cabana stripe dress? (Apparently the "cheese stands alone" on this one as the judges go on and on about how inventive it is too - and three of them saw the cabana thing last season!)

Runway time and the looks are mostly good. While I thought that Christian's jacket had the worst sleeves imaginable with that weird puffiness at the shoulder, the pants were cool and Nina loved the whole thing. Chris' dress got knocked for the pocket as well as a "dated" look. The judges loved Rami and Ricky as well as Sweet P and no surprise that Jillian's re-do of last week's coat didn't get rave reviews nor did Victorya's jacket with some fabric attached trench. Ricky wins (and cries again) and Victorya's out. There's a real part of me that wanted Jillian to go too as her annoying monotone voice and her break down in the sewing room this week annoyed and bored me all at the same time.

Is it wrong of me to long for the drama of seasons past? The Wendy hatred, the Santino face offs with Nina or even some good old fashion Laura glamour? These kids need to kick it up a notch or Project Runway is going to lose what little cache it has at this point to carry on to season 5. So to Heidi, Tim and the rest of the gang, I say, "Make it work...better!"

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