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Are There Advantages to Madness? Part One: Psychosis

Updated on May 29, 2008

Is the Madness of Psychosis Ever Beneficial?


by Helen Borel, PhD

The state of being "mad" can be interpreted as referring to being "crazy" or being "angry." (I will discuss anger* and its possible advantages after spotlighting, here, psychotic conditions which are "madness" itself.)

The Psychotic State

There are zero benefits to being crazy. Otherwise known psychiatrically as psychosis, and commonly as insanity, being crazy is hardly an envious state to be lost in. It is ALWAYS a state of intense suffering for the victim of it. Not to mention the psychotic person's long-suffering loved ones who are often at a loss as their "mad" relative progressively descends into a state of delusion and/or hallucinations, decreasing self-care, poor nutrition, poor sleep, and ultimate hospitalization.

Generally, the psychotic person is beleaguered from all sides by humanly insurmountable hurdles - these emanating from the patient's mind and disordered brain. Because usually, when we refer to psychosis, we are talking about the tragic and devastating illness called schizophrenia. The only caveat is the mania phase of manic-depression (a.k.a. bipolar disorder) which is characterized by intense highs with racing thoughts and often out-of-control floridly flamboyant behaviors (e.g., buying sprees, drinking binges, dangerous behaviors in public, speed-driving, uninhibited actions that may get the person arrested) or sometimes injurious behavior to self or others....

[Thus begins my two hubs in which I attempt to tackle and answer the question about the possible "benefits of being mad."]

Please access the complete hub article from the link below...and note the discussion below so you can understand the dual perspectives from which I chose to respond to your REQUEST.

I've written my answers to your REQUEST: "Are there Benefits to Being Mad?"

The first, entitlted "Are There Advantages to Madness? Part One: Psychosis can be found at

The second, entitled "Are There Advantages to Madness? Part Two: Anger will be written soon. I will alert you when it is published. And it will be accessible at:

Also, see my other emotional health articles at

Schizophrenia is a psychosis (a state of "madness") as are the manic cycles of bipolar disorder (yet another state of "madness"). And some deep levels of depression and the related condition once called "melancholia" can also be disabling enough and produce delusions that manifest as "madness."

However, "madness" can also mean the state of feeling and being angry, of acting out badly due to the distress of anger, of not being able to cool down. This level of anger requires therapeutic help in the form of what's called "anger management" therapy. Sometimes the courts, due to criminal levels of angry behavior, sentence defendants to "anger management" sessions with a private therapist or one appointed by the court.

The companion hub article on the subject of madness, companion to the piece on psychosis that is, will be written soon. Right now, I need to get some rest before I experience "madness" from intense writing about the psychoses and about angriness.

I hope you find all the above information useful and helpful to any concerns you may have about thoughts, feelings and behaviors. To your emotional well-being! Creativita


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    • princess g profile image

      princess g 

      7 years ago

      "It is ALWAYS a state of intense suffering for the victim of it"

      Not true at all. Nor is much else of your poorly researched Hub.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      No. Madness is the cure. The disease is western ideology. We have no sense of shamanism, of mental exploration. These individuals who you are deeming mentally unfit are unfit because they have a psychonaut's mind. A blessing. But because we live in a society that has very weak concepts of understanding.... All of us INSANE individuals who try very fucking hard to figure out existence in its entirety. Mental disorders do not exist in reality. They are self created labels that continue to dumb down our society and our world

    • Shirley Anderson profile image

      Shirley Anderson 

      10 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Very interesting! I'm off to read Psychosis, part've piqued my curiosity, I want to read more, thx Helen.


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