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Paris Hilton Takes A Powder

Updated on June 7, 2007

Paris Takes A Powder - Don't Get Me Started!

Well, I don't know that any of us could possibly even act surprised by the news that Paris Hilton was released from jail citing, "medical reasons" and will serve the rest of her sentence in the comfort of her own home. I can only imagine what the "medical reasons" were but for those of you who are staunch Paris lovers don't worry, although she only spent three days in the slammer she's being credited for five. Another great example of the celebrity justice system doing what it does best - allowing the elite to make the laws and then get out of jail free when it comes to one of their own. Paris takes a powder - Don't Get Me Started!

Back in the gangster movies of the 1940's they used to say someone was taking a "powder" when they were hiding out (usually after committing a crime) the thing is that with Paris she really isn't taking a powder as much as she's thumbing her nose at the entire criminal court system and now we know that justice is not only blind; the lady with the two scales and blindfold is taking it up the ass on this one.

Why the anger? I'll tell you why. Because like it or not, Paris Hilton is a public figure who is (and I'm cringing when I say this) a role model for young girls. How sad will it be for the wannabe Paris girls across the country when they decide to emulate their idol, get in trouble and unless Mommy and Daddy have enough cash, find themselves sitting in a prison cell saying, "But Paris got to go home." More importantly, what does it tell all the people in jail and those about to go to jail (some unjustly)? After all, not all of us have the name Scooter and a bunch of people lobbying to get us pardoned. Let's face it, if you're rich, white and a celebrity then crime away and get you're very own platinum get out of jail free card.

I'm not saying I wanted to see Paris in the workout yard with Brenda the Boss Lady treating Paris like her prison bitch but come on doesn't this person who treated her life and others with great disregard being drunk and driving deserve to spend a little time working in at the very least the prison library? Who knows, she might even learn to read.

I guess the big question here more than anything is why do celebrities drive at all? We all know that they have drivers, usually the same ones that spend their time sitting on the hood of the car while their celebrity is in some party getting fucked up beyond belief. The chauffeur's job is to keep their mouth shut and just quietly clean the vomit out of the car without letting the paparazzi get a shot of it. So with this pampering so readily available to them, why do they all continue to drive? If the want to drive that badly (yes, intended both ways), rent out a race track for the day, drive drunk and only kill yourself please.

At the end of the day, it's not about the drinking and it's not about the driving. It's about the protected privileged class continuing to show society that it truly is a "do as I say, but don't expect me to live up to that standard myself" kind of world for these folks. I read recently that companies are hiring (in essence) cheerleaders for their companies. These people are responsible for coming up with programs and implementing them for the new "me" generation. These corporate caregivers come up with such things as "employee of the day" instead of month because immediate gratification and satisfaction will keep the employee interested in working. Well, I hope that these companies are ready to hire Super Nanny to clean up the overindulgent mess they are making for themselves.

I know, I suddenly sound very old but come on, at some point don't we have to teach the next generation something other than how to text to order a pizza and instead teach them to take some responsibility for their actions? And shouldn't we hold the people who are taking our money when we buy their products, watch their movies and their television shows accountable and demand they at least do what they used to sing about in the old TV show Baretta, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time." Don't our celebrities at the very least owe us that much? Apparently not, apparently we should all just be worried that the anklet that Paris is having put on may chafe her or not fit at all on those skinny chicken bone ankles. No worries, I'm sure that even with her "medical condition" Paris will find a way to get out of the remaining days of her sentence and still host a party for some liquor company (receiving a hundred thousand dollars), stating that it was part of her rehabilitation or something. All we can hope is that Paris does have a medical condition and that it will keep us from seeing her for a few weeks, um...days...well, okay, hours. Paris takes a powder - Don't Get Me Started!

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      somelikeitscott 10 years ago from Las Vegas

      You're soooo right!!! We rock, right?

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