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Personal Ambiguity vs The Stand You Take

Updated on October 24, 2008

The Two Sides of the Choices You Make

The Two Sides of the Choices You Make
The Two Sides of the Choices You Make

Even if you are not cognizant of your beliefs you are the sum of your beliefs nonetheless.

A person does not have a will to live if he/she resides outside of their own personal wants and desires, if they are apart from what they hold dear to their heart, if they cannot hold true to the person they are inside.

While you may feel that situations force you to behave as a separate personality of yourself, apart from the true you, you can only, and always will be, the sum of your personalities, the complete whole of the choices you make.

You can never be less than what you profess to be along with the actions and words that you do and speak.

You may feel that life has dealt you a hard hand, that there are circumstances that you must ride along with to protect the person you feel you are, but life is not a feeling, it is a doing, and what you do is how people will judge you.

If you cannot make an answer to a question you can be certain that the answer will be made for you.

If you cannot protect yourself, by the stands that you take or don’t take, you can be certain that your protection will be abused by someone greater than yourself.

If you rely on the judgments of others for the choices and the path that your life takes, you can be certain that your life will be squandered, as it holds less value in the eyes and actions of another.

If your soul hungers for truth, as the justice you feel inside you gnaws for light, and you feed it only the dark lies of another voice, you will certainly be thrown to the curb as if you were a consumable instead of an independent voice, an unambiguous arrow fleeting towards the center of your own personal truth and value system.

You must answer every question you face with the will of one that knows their personal inner truth, as a person that understands what the boundaries are for life versus loss.

There can be no mistaking what is justice for your own decisions, because if you do not decide the decision will be made for you, and you will live out the result, for better or worse, and that will be your justice.

Let your voice not be lost among the forest that is the loss of self determination.

Have an answer ready.

Live your life to the fullest.

Exceed all possibilities.

Let your Stand be apparent to all.


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