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Planter Warts Removal

Updated on February 5, 2009

Planter warts are usually found on the foot. This name is the misspelled version of the name “plantar” warts. The word plantar means the bottom of the foot. Planter warts removal is necessary to prevent the spread of the warts to other parts of the body and to lessen the discomfort in case the warts are causing some pain.

 HPV (human papillomavirus) is the family of virus that causes warts infection on our skin. Warts can grow on different body parts, depending on the type among the 100 strains of HPV that’s known. Some common areas of the body where HPV can possibly live include the rectal area, the genitals, inside your mouth, or anywhere on your skin. The most common strain of HPV is the one that causes the common warts on the hands and feet. There are people who are more resistant to the HPV virus and hardly get warts.

 Planter warts can be obtained from walking barefoot on moist floor surfaces that are heavily used such as gymnasium floor interiors. It can spread to others if anyone touches the warts on the skin or if an infected person uses a towel or any object of one who does not have it.

 Planter warts removal might not be very necessary, as warts can disappear on their own, but might take months or years without treatment for warts to disappear. There are no explanations why planter warts disappear, even doctors can’t explain why it happens.

 Planter warts removal will only be necessary if the lumps become painful or very bothersome when using footwear. Planter warts removal will not only make your feet look better and more comfortable on any footwear, but will also lessen the chances of the warts spreading on other parts of your body or to other people.






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