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Poetry Writing

Updated on October 22, 2006

Emotional Outlet

You may not know that you can write poems. You can start by joining poetry writing contest where you can test if other people accepts your thoughts and ideas. Then start writing poems that cover some topics like love, religion and life. Writing poems about love is the best thing to write about as you can hear them everyday through music on television ,radio and the internet. Songs are converted poems interpreted by popular singers . You become emotional when you hear these songs where deep feelings are conveyed, happiness, sorrow,broken heart, any feeling you name it. When you go to church listen to the hymns that are sang containing spirituality and the lightness of the soul being carried by the thousand voices of the choir If you write about life, write something about your child, your husband , your mother, your sister or your family how loving they are , how cheerful are they. Write about nature , living things as they are makes the world go round. Fleeting butterflies visiting the flowers in your garden, chirping birds that wakes you up in the morning and the blue sky to let you take a deep breath and live life luxuriously ,for what is life without the birds, the butterfly and the blue sky.


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