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Pool Season -- Getting Your Pool Ready for Swimming

Updated on September 11, 2011

Even Year Round Pools Need Work

Having a pool in Florida makes us complacent about maintenance in the wintertime. We don't have to close down a pool like they do up north. Often our pools run on autopilot until the spring when suddenly the pool starts inviting us to swim. Your pool may look healthy and safe from your back porch, but there may be dangers lurking beneath the surface. Address them now so you don't have to worry when the sparklin' waters come calling.

Schedule your yearly maintenance appointment with a pool professional now. This is the time to beat the rush before your service tech gets bogged down in spring/summer maintenance routes. Discuss with them the following, or manage it yourself.

Barrier Safety

  1. Ensure all barriers of entry to your pool area are secured. All latches on doors leading to your pool from your home and yard should be operational.
  2. Alarms. If you have them, make sure all alarms on windows and doors are connected and / or batteries replaced.

Entrapment Safety / Main Drains

  1. Main Drain Safety. 100% Safest solution: NO DRAIN. As a mom of 4 kids and a pool builder, I am really passionate about this subject ( )
  • If you have an older pool with only one main drain, we recommend converting it to a return (inlet). Consult a licensed pool professional.
  • If you have dual drains, make sure your drain covers are tight and secure which includes inspecting all screws and integrity of the plastic. Over years, these covers become loose and corroded. These drains can also be converted to inlets for 100% safety. Consult your licensed pool professional.
  • If your pool has a safety vacuum release system or vent line, ensure it is in proper working order.

Circulation Safety

  1. Pump and Filter. Check all connections for leaks and proper water flow.
  2. Clean filter cartridge or replace.
  3. Backwash DE filter and check the ‘fins' or add sand to your sand filter.
  4. Is this the year to get the energy efficient pump?
  5. Educate the family on the operation of the equipment as some 'forget' and others are now old enough to help out.

Walk it down

  1. Check out all the electrical connections. Critters and vibrations can do crazy and dangerous things
  2. Keep an eye on your pipes to see if they are stressed by movement of the equipment (Is it secured? Is the equipment pad being undermined by rain runoff)

Water Quality

  1. Test water chemistry to maintain a proper balance throughout the winter.
  2. Keep that pool cleaner eating the debris all winter.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks! No that's now our pool, but we did build that pool.

    • profile image

      Pool Alarms 

      8 years ago

      Great hub with very useful information. Safety should be a top concern for any pool owners. Is this your pool in the picture?

    • profile image

      Tracy Powell 

      10 years ago


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