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Portable Projector Screen Ideas

Updated on April 23, 2008
Photo Courtesy of Big Screen Center
Photo Courtesy of Big Screen Center

Take Important Presentations Anywhere

Portable Screens are a practical way to display media anywhere. Portable Screens can be used for boardroom presentations, church functions, or in schools, moving them from one classroom to another.

Portable Screens range in size from small enough to sit on a conference room table to large enough to show a movie at a neighborhood block party.

When choosing a projector screen, it is important to pick a screen that is suitable for your application.

  • Light enough to carry.
  • Sturdy enough to transport.
  • Native Aspect Ratio matches its intended projector.
  • Affordable.

Photo Courtesy of Da-Lite
Photo Courtesy of Da-Lite

Who uses Portable Projector Screens?

  • Professionals: Instructors, Trade Show Presenters, Consultants, Sales Reps bidding on a big contract.
  • Churches: Cutting edge ministries in unusual venues, congregations that meet in temporary spaces like gyms, coffee shops, or mall space to save money for capital improvements.
  • Families: Grandparents with 16 mm films and slide shows of family photos, couples who argue about whether the spare room is for scrap booking or home theater, teenagers who want to play video games on a 100" projector screen.

Tripod Projector Screen

Photo Courtesy of Big Screen Center
Photo Courtesy of Big Screen Center

Portable Projector Screen

Photo Courtesy of Big Screen Center
Photo Courtesy of Big Screen Center

Fast Fold Projector Screen

Photo Courtesy of Big Screen Center
Photo Courtesy of Big Screen Center

What Kinds Of Portable Projector Screens Are There?

Portable projector screens are designed in several different ways. Here are three projector screen designs that are configured to excel in price, beauty, and size.

Tripod projector screens are optimized for price. Tripod screens offer the lowest price per square foot of any portable projector screen. They are very popular because they offer a large viewing surface, and are fast and easy to set up. Assembly is usually complete in a few simple steps.

Portable projector screens of another variety come in a case or tube that rests on the floor and by lifting the screen handle, the viewing surface is revealed. As smooth black backdrop hides the frame of the projector screen. This type of portable screen is optimized for beauty. This portable projector screen is a very handy application and great for presentations on the go.

Fast Fold or truss system portable projector screens are optimized for size. These screens are sometimes large and heavy to lift, but they offer the largest viewing surface available in Portable Screens. This screen is most often seen at large concerts, church settings, sporting events, trade shows and conventions.

When it comes to cost, Portable Screens are a great way to go. They are less expensive than electric screens, and do not require a power source to operate. Portable Screens are affordable to use for any situation that calls for a mobile presentation platform. The Portable Projector Screen is the right choice for presentations and displays on the go!


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