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Presentation On Getting a Dog

Updated on December 20, 2008
A cute dog.
A cute dog.

<this is my adorable cousins webpage so have fun :)> 

For all you kids who want a dog, here is some advice to convince your parents or guardians to get you a dog.

First, prove to them that you are responsible enough to have a dog. Try using a virtual pet or an egg with a drawn on face to show how responsible you are. Then, get siblings or relatives or even friends to help you out on any type of presentation. It could be a Powerpoint presentation, an essay, or maybe even a speech on why you should get a dog.

Second , tell whoever is responsible for you that you can get a dog for a lot less money at the pound, but make sure the dog is not blind, is a 4-legged dog, does not have any odd bumps, and looks healthy.  If the dog does not have all the the above, then you should not get it. 

Finally, find out what dog you want exactly, but make sure that it's very friendly, not wild at all, and if you have an elderly person living in your house, train the dog not to go in their room. 

Really funny video


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