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Prisoners Become Thrillers

Updated on August 12, 2007

Thriller by Prisoners

Prisoners Become Thrillers - Don't Get Me Started!

I know that this video was circulating a few weeks ago but give me a break as I have been on vacation. The deal here is that at some prison in the Philippines the exercise they give the inmates is very different than what we all saw on the HBO show, OZ or what I can only imagine goes on in the prison work out yard (real prison boys, not some porno, geez let's elevate our minds, shall we?). Here the prisoners are showing that exercise can be fun and that truly when you dance the world dances with you. (Yes, that was sarcasm) Prisoners become Thrillers - Don't Get Me Started!

In an absolutely incredible display of precision, the inmates have got the old Michael Jackson song Thriller down (as we say). From the start, with a balding male Ola Ray (Don't ask how I know the actress in the original video's name) complete with pony tail you just don't know if you should be laughing or marveling at the murders turned zombies dancing about the yard as if Michael Peters had been there to choreograph them himself.

I can hear the Warden now...

Warden: Okay, all you scum, today we're going to learn a little Michael Jackson. A number in time for Halloween that will have them over at Prison West jealous as hell. It's the Thriller number!

Prisoner: Oh come on warden, we just barely got the opening to Cats and now this?

Warden: Listen, shut it and get in formation. And when I say you should look like zombies, you'll look like zombies got it?

PrisOla Ray: Um, escuse me warden? Remember last night you a promised if we did this I could be playing the girl?

Warden: You're all ready a girl but yes PrisOla Ray the role is all yours.

PrisOla Ray: And can I have a something prettys to wear to get into my crackerture?

Warden: Everyone's been in your crack, but okay, yes, all right, enough all ready. Now murderer zombies stage left and rapist zombies stage right.

Prisoner 1: But what about me? I'm a pedophile, Warden?

Warden: Well, you're the lead of course!

Prisoner 1: Does that mean I get a red jacket with the zippers?

Warden: You'll dance in a jumpsuit like everyone else but if you're very good there could be some Jesus juice in it for you.

Prisoner 1: <confused> But my name is Jesus and I don't have a juice named after me.

Warden: <Obviously frustrated with Jesus and ignoring him> Come on criminals, after me...and one, two, uh huh, duh...five, six, seven, eight.

Sometimes life imitates art, kind of makes you think about the scene from The Producers, right? I could go on some big tirade about the fact that we don't fund the arts in schools and yet here's the evidence that it does so much good (even on criminals) but for those who support the arts (and I'm sure the people who read my blog for the most part agree with more funding for the arts) they already know and feel this way and for those who don't, you're just wrong. So I'm thinking that we need to get this started in America too. Maybe Lindsay Lohan can teach an acting class when she gets to prison (she can teach them how to act innocent on the stand). Or maybe Phil Spector can make a boy band in prison and give them the "Wall of Sound" sound that he is so famous for (as well as give them all frightening hair styles). At any rate, it's something to think about and at least it keeps the prisoners out of the library where they start to read legal books and end up sounding like the sketches Damon Wayans used to do on In Living Color, "The edification of the ejaculation will show the pomposity of my innocence." Prisoners become Thrillers - Don't Get Me Started!

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