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Professional Entertainment Coaching

Updated on August 7, 2008

Professional Entertainment Coaching - A Growing Field in Hollywood and Beyond

by Jerod Morris

The entertainment industry is probably not the first place that comes to mind for most people when they think about professional life coaching; it certainly was not for me. Many singers have vocal coaches and many actors have acting coaches, for example, but most people living outside of Hollywood probably do not think about writers, executives, and producers as having or needing professional coaching.

Professional Entertainment Coaching – The Reality

The truth is that in Hollywood, and in the entertainment industry as a whole, professional life coaching is a widely valued and utilized resource. One of the pioneers in this burgeoning niche in the professional coaching industry is also one of our clients, Los Angeles-based Internal Relations.

“Life in Hollywood can bring with it lots of fame, lots of fortune, and a multitude of opportunity,” Jeanne Schad, founder and president of Internal Relations Professional Coaching Resource, explained. “However, there is also a great deal of pressure, oftentimes placed on people who are unable to handle it on their own. Professional entertainment coaching can be a great resource to help people deal with that pressure and navigate their careers more effectively.”

Coaching Defined

Professional Entertainment Coaching – The Objectives

Schad’s company works in a variety of different industries to match the specific needs of an individual or organization with a coach who is experienced in like situations. The coaches that she contracts to her clients through Internal Relations focus on objectives that are typical in the professional entertainment coaching industry:

• Developing leadership skills,

• Motivating through goal setting,

• Tracking progress towards goals to maintain focus,

• Conflict resolution.

For professionals in Hollywood, as with professionals in the business world, individual needs can vary greatly. Entertainment executives often need help in maintaining motivation and setting or staying on track with goals. Professional entertainment coaching can help them to chart and maintain a positive career path, while guiding the individual through and around the ubiquitous obstacles that can interfere. Executives in the entertainment industry can drive bottom line success by setting a more consistent tone from the top and professional entertainment coaching can assist in finding the right tone.

Writers often face similar problems with goal setting, as well as the pressures associated with writer’s block and deadlines. Professional entertainment coaching can offer the objective advice and support that may not be available elsewhere. Even directors and producers benefit from professional entertainment coaching through leadership development. Developing a strong leadership skill set can help directors and producers create more cohesion among production teams and consistent direction on projects.

“A good professional coaching resource will be able to intuitively match up an individual or team with a coach that can have a positive impact because of his or her personality, experience, or area of expertise,” explained Schad. “Without question, Hollywood presents a unique set of challenges. This is why understanding these challenges and creating effective matches, which we are able to do at Internal Relations, is so important.”

Professional Entertainment Coaching – The Misconceptions

One common misconception about professional entertainment coaching in Hollywood is that a coach is essentially a therapist. Because the entertainment media is so consistently focused on broadcasting news and gossip surrounding arrests, addictions, and general emotional problems among the Hollywood elite, this mindset is understandable. However, according to Phil Towle, who works as both a psychotherapist and life coach, equating professional life coaching and therapy is a misconception.

“The difference between life coaching and therapy is that psychotherapy is about helping people heal their wounds,” Towle explained in a 2006 article from the New York Times (referenced in the Links capsule). “Coaching is about helping people achieve the highest level of their fulfillment or happiness or success, whether they’re wounded or not.”

Preventing wounds, whether they are emotional for an actor or bottom line-related for an executive, is one way to sum up the overall objective of professional entertainment coaching in Hollywood. The recent trend of professional coaching being more widely utilized in the entertainment industry is simply a sign that Hollywood is catching up to what the business community has known to be true for a while: professional coaches work, and they can positively impact any organization from a Fortune 500 conglomerate to a movie set.

Professional Entertainment Coaching – The Trend

For Jeanne Schad, like many others in her industry, the movement of Internal Relations Professional Coaching Resource into the entertainment field has been a natural progression.

“Obviously Hollywood is exciting, and there is glitz, and glamour, and sometimes the whole scene seems bigger than life. But at the end of the day,” said Schad, “Hollywood, like any other industry, is driven by people. And most people can benefit from a trained and experienced professional coach who can offer advice, help set goals, and drive positive change. We have seen great success already in the entertainment industry, and have no doubts it will continue to be ripe for the resources we offer.”

Primary Article Source

Internal Relations Professional Coaching Resource is headquartered in Marina del Ray, California, and specializes in matching professionally trained and certified coaches with organizations and individuals. Internal Relations founder and President Jeanne Schad is a Certified Professional Coach who is recognized by the International Coach Federation. Visit Internal Relations’ website to learn more about its professional coaching resources, or call 1-866-772-8762 to speak with a representative.

About the Author

Jerod Morris is an Account Manager and Copywriter with OrangeCast in Dallas, Texas. In addition to his experience in social media marketing, Jerod Morris has management and training experience in the printing and restaurant industries, as well as managing direct marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies in Miami, Florida. While in college at Indiana University, Morris also co-founded and was Head of Creative Development for TB Digital Productions, a multimedia development company.


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    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 9 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Very Interesting - My best friends are some 20-26 years younger than me. They came into my life when I was "just" divorced. We partied together, jamed on guitars too... so were like buddies - YET I coached them with their jobs and relationships. They have all excelled in their jobs and each of them have come to me one on one and brainstormed situations at work and in their personal llives.... again EACH have come to me one on one and THANKED me for the help I have been - their parents too - have ALL thanked me. I guess I have been actually mentoring - as a coach gets paid. Some of my hubs lean in the mentoring coaching style. - Enough about me - sorry!!!! this is a GREAT hub - thanks!