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Project Runway, Season 4, Episode 6 - Eye Candy

Updated on January 2, 2008

All I could think of as this episode unfolded was the old Jackie Gleason line, "How sweet it is!' Sweet that Runway is back on after a two week hiatus and back being some fun to watch!

After aufing two models early on, it's an early morning field trip with Tim Gunn to Times Square that will provide the next challenge's details. Would it be designing for a musical? No, the challenge was to design a look using items from the Hershey's store. Christian (always jaded beyond his years) was the one immediately over it with his, "I was like, great, we get to make shit out of candy!" But his negativity didn't seem to affect any of the other designers or me watching. With no budget and five minutes to pick out whatever they could get their hands on, who wouldn't love that opportunity, I ask you? While Chris grabs pillows, Jillian goes for the real deal grabbing as many Twizzlers as she can get her hands on.

Back at the workroom, Rami worries about Jillian's choice to use edible materials while Chris (a drag queen costume designer from way back) knows what she's going through as he's used food before (you just know that would have been a juicy story if he'd gone into the details). Critical Christian seems to have criticism for everyone but himself to the point where you have to wonder if he really has that much confidence or if the product he uses to create that ridiculous hairstyle has begun to seep into his brain a bit too much. Early on in this challenge it's easy to see the good, bad and ugly or is that inedible?

Runway day and Jillian is scared that her red flapper outfit may leave more Twizzlers on the runway than it should. As the designers leave for the runway, she gets my quote of the week with her last minute advice to her model as they're leaving the workroom, "Just work it. That's all I can tell you at this point." So true Jillian, of this challenge and life!

The runway pans out exactly like a good pan of brownies (some gooey good and others burnt around the edges). While Ricky's was adorable, it was a bit to literal. Chris was subtle for him and it paid off. Kit was perfectly her and it would be easy to see hers and Rami's in a collection. (I liked Rami from challenge one and this week only helps continue my love of Rami - and his work of course) Kevin's is classy and Christian's is fun but too Michael from last season with the coffee filters for me (and apparently for the Bravo people as one of the scrolls at the bottom was a question asking who designed the coffee filter dress last season). Jillian's dress makes it down the runway not only in tact but makes a WOW statement good enough to eat! And although Victorya had a vision of not Sugar Plums by an Ice Princess walking oddly in her head it just didn't translate. Elisa's was sad and Sweet P's was dull so it was no surprise they were in the bottom two.

The judges were right on track with my thoughts and Nina came out with a classic "sad" about Elisa's dress but also a page two quote to Jillian after Jillian explained how hard it was to get her dress made, "Hard work shows." Indeed it does, Ms. Garcia. There was no denying that Rami was the winner this week and although it was definitely time for Elisa to go, who couldn't feel something for her as she talked about her time on the show and her sew mates being the real judges who changed her life? She was sweet, the challenge was sweet and all we can hope is that someone sprinkles some powdered sugar on Christian's panty shield so that he gets a bit sweeter!

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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 10 years ago from Las Vegas

      Honest to God, I had something similar at one point but it was the 80's and we wore our sunglasses at night so we couldn't tell what we looked like - well, it's an excuse anyway, right?

    • Guru-C profile image

      Cory Zacharia 10 years ago

      LOL, Scott. I was wondering what you thought of Christian's hairstyle!