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Project Runway, Season 4, ep.8 - On Garde

Updated on January 20, 2008

This episode starts with Ricky talking about being a bottom boy (not that kind of bottom boy but if one were to conjecture...okay, enough of this...moving on) he's continually in the bottom and for good reason. As the designers arrive at the runway they get a hair-raising surprise when Heidi introduces the models who are sporting specialty hairdos. The challenge is to create an avant-garde look to match the models hair. Two models are eliminated as the designers go for the best hair first.

Back in the workroom, Tim announces they will be working in teams and need to choose a leader. With the two gayest gays getting linked you know we're in for a wild ride. Ricky and Kit are partnered, Victorya and Jillian get the most boring teaming award while Rami and Sweet P seem at odds from the get go.

Rami seems to be the type that simply does not play well with others. This is okay in a designer I suppose but not one on Project Runway where there are always team challenges. As he asserts himself, it's obviously his way or no way and that's the problem with his dresses on the whole. Everything is the same, his way - diaphanous Grecian draping looks which get old fast and don't meet every challenge's needs.

Victorya and Jillian are self-deemed, "Team Last Minute" as they both have time management issues. As they fight over leadership of the team (Victorya wins a toss) they're both very opinionated and dare I say it, boring? They don't make good television but they make good clothes!

Kit and Ricky seem to have the wrong idea from the beginning to me. Anytime you start talking about hair looking like a "nest" and the dress echoing it, I think you're going to be in trouble. And so (although they didn't know it, they got into trouble fast with their patchwork Scarlett Oh No She Didn't look).

Leave it to the fun loving gays. C+C Design Factory (yes, meant to be an homage to C+C Music Factory - who created every big dance hit in the 80's and 90's - "Gonna Make You Sweat") ask, "Ya'll ready for this?" You take two gays who are happy and the energy could fill every gas tank in America. Chris gets my quote of the week with his, "What I hope happens tomorrow at the runway show is that our model Marcia comes out and people's jaws drop to the floor and they never forget it as long as they live." No doubt Christian and Chris seem delighted, delightful and the team to beat.

Tim brings the news that the teams will also need to make a Ready To Wear look that goes with their avant-garde look and while most teams grimace about this (and Rami makes Sweet P cry), from Tim's walk through you absolutely see who gets the term "avant-garde" and who needs a fashion dictionary as a gift for their next birthday.

Runway day proves the above is true. With C+C coming out (again) as the leaders with their 45 yard idea of "heaven" (according to Mr. Kors), winning the challenge and Victorya and Jillian coming in a close second with their avant-garde resistance fighter outfit of trench, jodhpurs and simple black dress. The other designs seem so far off from the avant-garde challenge idea that they're in New Jersey or somewhere other than where they need to be from an avant-garde fashion idea. And although I worried about Rami getting auf'd, it was eventually Gone With The Kit as she was auf'd for her poor girl's hooped misadventure in Holly Hobbie land. That said, I really felt it should have been Ricky that was auf'd. I'm tired of this bottom feeder always being saved without one good look to show for it. How he always squeaks by is beyond me but there's always next week. I'll be watching, will you?

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