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Project Runway, Season 4, episode 7 - "What A Girl Wants"

Updated on January 10, 2008

This week brings another glimpse into design world's disdain for the people that it would seem they'll end up designing for...actual women! I don't understand it. I get that they're used to working with size zero models but honestly, don't they at some point realize that they're going to have to work in the reality that is the world and that most women aren't a size zero?

As Heidi introduces the models for this challenge and we see the first silhouette behind the scrim, we can see that it's definitely not the regular models and Kevin delivers the line, "I thought they were midgets or Oompah Loomps." As the models come onto the runway the designers shriek like little girls seeing mice or something and cringe even more when they learn they'll be designing a prom dress! While I get designing for teenage girls may be challenging, again I have to say that I just don't get the whole disgust at working for clients and not just for themselves. Seems to me if you're the only one getting anything out of it designers, it's just artistic masturbation.

We get to the workroom and to any true Runway fan you can't help but notice the music sounding very reminiscent of a previous Runway finalist's music from the final challenge. Do you know who it is? As the designers meet with their clients most of the designers seem to be warming up to them a bit and embracing the challenge. Kevin thinks he gets it as he's from Jersey and we see his prom picture (along with some of the other designers' photos - now that's fun). Christian immediately butts heads with his girl who makes the statement that she has been designing for two years. Christian also delivers the news that he was voted "Best Dressed" at his prom. When asked if it was just him that decided this, he claims that it was his peers that voted on it and we see a picture of him from prom (hair changed only slightly and I'm not sure I believe he was voted best dressed by his classmates and isn't just a legend in his own mind).

Day two and Christian knows he's in trouble without the help of his model and her mother telling him (which they do) who arrive for fittings. He gets my quote of the week for being voted by me "Most Out Of Touch Designer" when he tells his client and her mother, "I'm not a dressmaker, I'm a designer." Well honey, this week you're both so get over it and yourself. As Tim takes the workroom he seems to almost have prophetic qualities once more as he warns Kevin about the hem, Rami about the look being too much for the mother instead of the daughter and tries to encourage Christian to "make it work."

Runway day and I have to say that for once in a long while I didn't agree with the judges this week. While they put Sweet P and Victorya in the lead, I felt that Sweet P's bodice did not fit well. Meanwhile, Victorya choosing to use that hemline that was shown two years ago with everything turning under that to me makes everyone look as if they're wearing a bad pumpkin costume for Halloween or have the worst static cling in their life, I don't mind telling you that I know this is "fashionable" but I never got this look on models or anyone else. Apparently the cheese stands alone on this one because Victorya gets the win. Only two in the top and Rami, Christian, Ricky and Kevin in the bottom lets you know a boy is going home. I would have sent Ricky (who has yet to deliver anything all that great and cried again this episode) or Christian (hideous disaster dress - old joke, "My girl backed into an airplane propeller. Disaster) but it's Kevin that gets auf'd (maybe cause Heidi liked Christian's dress and what was she thinking?). Well that's it for this week and as they say, "I'm off like a prom dress!" (Or is that only me that says this?)

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    • Guru-C profile image

      Cory Zacharia 10 years ago

      ... makes you think that to be a proper prom dress it needs to look like last year...