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Project Runway 4 Episode 10, “Raw Talent”

Updated on February 10, 2008

"We can't let Fashion Week be all boys" says Jillian at the start of the episode and if there was ever an episode about Girl Power, this one would be it.

After an auf'ing of a model we didn't really know or care about, the designers are told by Heidi (in a fabulous sparkly gown) that Tim will be giving them their next challenge on a field trip the next day. The designers wonder what it could be and the next day Tim takes them to the studio where they shoot the runway scenes and there are odd rumblings coming from behind the doors. As the door opens, the designers (and we) see a wrestling ring set up with female wrestlers going at it. (A scene sure to titillate some men but is lost on this crowd) The challenge is to create an outfit for one of the WWE Divas to wear in the ring.

Immediately you see the cringing behind the plastered smiles of the designers. And here's where I'm going to give it to them. I know that I often write about previous seasons being better and I oft times blame the designers but this go round it seems as if the production team on the show has been trying to create wacky challenges to (I'm sure in their mind) keep the show interesting when really all a lot of us crave is to watch some designers at work. A wacky challenge is good every once in awhile but this season it would seem as if that's all there has been. I think of the challenge a couple of seasons ago when they gave them all cameras and had them walk around the city taking photos for inspiration and then creating a look that represented it. I'm thinking about the Banana Republic day to evening challenge with them also creating a window at the store's location in the city. The same can not be said of this season's challenges and on this one even Nina Garcia and Michael Kors seemed stumped and a bit uncomfortable to be sitting there with the glittery faces of the designers from Heatherette - you can tell this bunch doesn't run in Nina nor Michael's circles.

Back to our story, so the designers go to Spandex House (who knew such a thing existed) and they begin their creations. And while Rami states, "I don't think this is the most fashionable challenge" the designers seem to start to have a little fun with it, with the exception of Sweet P who seems more than a bit lost. Christian gets my quote of the week with his, "Tackiest fabric in the room is Sweet P' looks like a tranny Ice Queen!"

Christian begins to love the challenge on day two (but never so much as he adores himself). I have to say that he gets on my nerves for the most part and his rude, mean comments when finally giving Ricky a few snaps for his outfit makes me give Christian two snaps down for just being a bitchy queen of a boy. Chris is in heaven although that laugh of his is from hell. Rami is in a usual draping fantasy of his own design. Jillian is droning in her usual tones but creating something adorable and Sweet P struggles with that classic battle (not of good and evil) but rhinestones and feathers!

Runway day and while Jillian with her Sporty Spice outfit is called first, it's Chris' leopard, caged animal outfit that wins the day. (He's not surprised and neither is anyone else) Christian's Prince inspired outfit takes the third place finish. And on the bottom we have Rami (who just got lucky that the other two were so bad) with Sweet P's less than great outfit and Ricky finally getting out of the bottom two by being auf'd for his orange bathing suit. On Ricky leaving I have to say that it has been a long time coming and I'm sure the producers loved that he won last week and was out this week (making Heidi's signature line of "one day you're in the next you're out" true of the show too) but you couldn't help but feel sorry for Ricky a bit as he was never respected by the other designers and was always kept at arms length. A true dichotomy there to explore - so often gays are left out by society, laws, etc. so you'd think they'd do a better job of being nicer to their own instead of ostracizing them (so to speak) but the boys were more than a bit vicious at times with Ricky. I get not liking his outfits (I certainly didn't like any of them) but being mean? Is that really needed? At any rate, they've put Ricky out of our misery and it's a good thing.

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