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Project Runway 4 Episode 11, “The Art Of Fashion”

Updated on February 17, 2008

Sometimes, just sometimes, the Gods of fashion listen to a mere mortal (a Jewish gay one in this case). Was I not just talking about the "inspiration" challenge from a season gone by last week in my blog? Okay enough but damn I'm good.

The designers go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where they choose inspiration from three different installations. No surprise for anyone that Rami goes for the Greek draping again. Christian is off on a gender bender, Sweet P goes for a peacock, Jillian's making another coat and Chris is making something that looks way similar to the dress he made with Christian. As quick as that was to read, it only took about that long to determine who was in trouble this week.

While Rami gets a rolled eye from most of the other designers at his draped, Grecian creation he gets my quote of the week with his, "I'm not here to make noise, I'm here to work." Really? I'm just the opposite - here to make noise and do as little work as possible. However, if we're looking for slackers this go round it would have to be Chris who finished early and went to take a nap. I don't know that I've ever seen that in a previous challenge and Tim was more than surprised to have to play alarm clock to Chris in order to do his usual walk through. Christian is boastful as ever but I have to say that it may be warranted this time considering all the pieces (and their quality) that he's creating. Sweet P is in trouble with her peacock look. I don't know but it felt a little patchworky to me so late in the season. And while Jillian's coat is cool, that underneath piece looked so flimsy and poorly made that I didn't understand the oohs and ahhhs from the judges on this one.

Roberto Cavalli was the best guest judge of the season. He adored Christian's outfit, saw the art in Chris' and also was as bored by Rami as the judges have been. I know that Chris did something similar to what he had done before but I agree with Mr. Cavalli that Chris' was the most like art.

No surprises here with the Christian win and Jillian in right away. Next up the squashing of Sweet P. So with Rami and Chris left on the runway, who would go to Bryant Park? Both of course...well, kind of. They'll both have an opportunity to create collections then they'll show their top three outfits to the judges who will ultimately decide which one of the two of them will get to show their collection in the tents. "Show" I believe is the operative word here as we all know Chris gives better show but we'll see perhaps they'll both get to show, it's happened before.

Next week you can tune in to see the once a season sit down to see all the drama that was going on behind the scenes. Was there any? Do we care about any of the people eliminated early on? Hmmmm...kind of not.

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