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Project Runway 4 Episodes 12 & 13, Reunion and Runway Off

Updated on March 1, 2008

After watching the reunion show I have to say that I had little reaction to it so an entire blog on it seemed forced when I read it back to myself. Let's just say that the reunion show didn't really offer any new insights as to what went on behind the scenes at Runway this season because I'm quite sure the editors had a difficult enough time as it was trying to find interesting footage to keep us interested each week let alone for a "bloopers" reel.

I will say that Victorya's sort of quiet simmer on the back burner seemed odd and even stranger was that it was never really delved into or explained. Carmen's sad attempt to get more attention on herself about the fact no one tried to jump out a window when she was eliminated made me even happier she was eliminated early on. And of course, Ricky defended his crying jags but who the hell knew that he really went on and on much more than we saw? And don't you feel the saddest for the production people who tried to get interviews with him and each week had to wait for Niagara Falls to stop before getting something on film?

Onto the final four to three episode...Christian was visited first by Tim and no real surprises to be had there. A strong collection that was well and quickly made but what the hell was going on with the feather pants and ruffle shirt that covers you up to your nose? The good news - no tissues needed - the perfect blouse for cold and flu season.

Jillian provided even less surprises as she continued on with her variations on a theme - coats. Although it's all constructed very well, she tends to well, let's just say...bore me.

Rami got the best coverage when it comes to his beginnings. Once again we get the image of a boy of six in Lebanon with his hidden sketches in his room. You can't help but have an Extreme Home Makeover Edition emotional reaction to his story, his mother dying at a young age, the desire for fashion, etc. Let's face it, he has talent but even more important, he had a great story so before they told him he was in, I knew he was in.

Chris goes once again out on a limb that is as large as him. I think we once again got a glimpse of the fashionistas looking down their nose at the world of costumers. What they don't realize was that the designers who created fashions for women in movies of the 1930's and 1940's were the original American designers. Think of Adrian or Edith Head. I get that the human hair thing may have been too far out but come on, Chris' collection was interesting and brought something different as opposed to Jillian's coats of armor, Rami's Joan of Arc inspired armor and Christian's goth birdcage of clothes. And for those of us who have been around or watched old movies we know all about the monkey fur they used to use to trim clothing. All in all, I felt that Chris should have been in for something different but alas, ‘twas not to be.

Next week is the finale and praise Donna Karan this season is almost over. I would hope that if the show has any more seasons that they'll go back and revisit the first couple of seasons to better understand how to cast the show and to realize that they don't have to have such ridiculous challenges to make us interested in the show. Some of us watch because we couldn't hem a dishtowel so watching them tear up an apartment and use a rug to make a fur trimmed coat is great television!

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