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Project Runway Season 4 - Ep3, Some Like It Scott blog

Updated on November 29, 2007

Episode 3, We Do Know Jack!

This seems like a fitting title to this episode as from the first shot with Jack and Keith in the bathroom, his voiceover telling of his seventeen years with HIV positive status and the rest of the episode chock full o' Jack you would think his mother was the editor this week.

The challenge to dress ex-NFL and now Today correspondent star, Tiki Barber has them nervous. I'm not sure if it's because as Ricky says, "None of us really know who he is but wow, he's gorgeous" or that none of them have really done that much designing of men's clothes. Whatever the reason you could feel the tension and this was the first ten minutes!

Cut to yet another shot of Jack asking, "Tim, if we are men can we use items of clothes we have as reference that we're wearing?" Tim, "Of course." But even as this came out of Tim's mouth I have to say that I would have thrown a flag on this play (look at me knowing a football term and catch that I didn't remove the "L" in the word "flag" though there was an evil part of me that was dying to do it!) As Jack takes apart the shorts that he is wearing to use as a pattern, Victorya and Carmen use them as well. Rami and Sweet P openly discuss it not being fair but the topic amazingly ends there.

Kit gets my quote of the episode on day two with, "We get so stressed out that it's hard to remember that this is like such a fantasy experience." And as the male "fantasy" models enter it's all about girls looking at boys who are looking at other boys while Kevin reiterates his straightitude.

Jinny Barber comes to critique the designs and is helpful until stopped dead in her tracks over Carmen's Member's Only jacket. (Carmen and the 80's what a not so much of a surprise!)

The designers head off to the runway with the most sewn on or pinned clothes I've ever seen in all four seasons. As the designs came down the runway I had to wonder if anyone had taken into consideration who they were designing for...he's an ex-football player and a correspondent on Today, no ascots please or all black. Kevin's design got my vote as it was business casual but had a sense of more than your typical business stuff (too bad Tiki and Heidi hated the color purple <don't tell Oprah>, I thought it looked great), Kit created a semi-dull design that was crisp and finished. Jack's pants and striped shirt won the challenge and I couldn't help but think if anyone was still thinking about when he used his shorts for his pattern or the fact that the two pieces (while executed well) could be found in any store anywhere USA.

On the losing team were Sweet P's sweeping collar that was trying to distract your eye with a poorly tied tie in front of it which didn't work, Ricky's fully pinned three piece dark suit and finally Carmen's "representation of a shirt" with blue fabric draped inside the coat and a jacket that looked as close to the Members Only jacket she was warned about by Tiki's wife. Carmen was auf'd and Ricky cried some more (let's see if he can make one episode dry eyed)

And as the show closed we discovered that Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack made a pattern from his pants. Does anyone think that's fair?? Remember the auf'ing of a designer for pattern books last season and yet you can take your clothes apart and use them as a pattern. Boys, we all need to go into the locker room and read the rule book on this one. Models first...

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