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Project Runway Season 4, Episode One "Sew What You Get"

Updated on November 24, 2007

The Ultimate Fan Blogger for Season 3 and now Season 4 of Project Runway for where the edited blogs appear each wee, here is the unedited blog for Season 4's first episode! Enjoy! Scott

Project Runway Season 4 - "Sew What You Get"

Well kids, Project Runway is back and so am I. Welcome back for another season of Mishigas with Scott. I'm delighted to be back as the Ultimate Fan Blogger this season and can't wait to dish on all that is Runway. For those of you devotees, what did we do for so long without our PR? And for those who declared they wouldn't watch this season after the Jeffrey win last year, welcome back.

As the fifteen designers were introduced all I kept thinking was that someone had made a musical of the Breakfast Club. Honestly, come on Heidi (Not Eileen), these designers are so 80's I thought I was back in high school. I guess it's true about what the say, "everything old is new again" but for those of us who lived through the 1980's it's comforting and scary all at the same time.

Christian and Carmen came on the scene and I immediately thought I was watching Thompson Twins lite but who couldn't love Christian when he said, "I'd rather buy clothes than a bed." ? The thing you really get is that most of these designers have been designing (no rookies like the love of Runway last year, Michael) no these cutters know how to cut to the chase and most have all ready designed something for someone before.

From their posh digs the designers go to meet Heidi and Tim at Bryant Park where inside three tents are all the fabrics from Mood that they'll use to create their first runway look. As the designers run across the grass to the tents, Chris lags behind, pulling up his skirts as he run/walks his way across the lawn while "Earth Mother" Elisa, rolls her fabric on the grass to "infuse it with nature" in layman's language this means grass stains worthy of a detergent commercial.

As the designers arrive back at Parsons with their cloth you can't help but wish Laura, Michael or Uli would come around the corner and yet as these designers are creating their fashions there are all ready some great standouts. Elisa sews her fashion on herself and while Carmen sports the classic ripped t-shirt of Jennifer Beals in Flashdance, it's Jillian who looks like an 80's love child of Beals and another 80's Jennifer, Grey, "She's like the wind."

The designers work until 1am then back to their pad for sleep and a morning shot of Jack (the hot gay) doing his best 80's Rob Lowe in only boxer briefs. As the designers drape, Christian get's my quote of the week with, "I think there's some hand-sewn crap in here." Tim Gunn does his walk through and gives his usual sage advice until it's time for the designers to have their first fashions walk the runway.

As the judges Klum is gorgeous, Michael Kors is his usual classy self, Nina Garcia makes the best faces and the guest judge was as pretty as any of the models. As the looks came down the runway, the 80's were felt again and you could definitely tell the geeks, jocks and valedictorians in an instant. Rami's gown was gorgeous (even with the Lilly Rubin mother of the bride flower on it) while Elisa's beautiful from the front but Joseph's amazing Technicolor coat threw up on the back gown tripped the model and Nina's face.

In the bottom of the class, Elisa "the whole-wheater", Ricky "the conductor of the boring express" (complete with hat) and auf'd designer Simone, "the duller Mariel Hemingway from Manhattan." Honor society members were Victorya, Christian and winner, Rami.

Runway is back kids and now we have a reason to get to Wednesdays. As the highlights showed, it looks as if we're in for another season of tears, fears and queers! My Tivo is set...see you next week.

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