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Project Runway Season 4, episode 2 "Money Changes Everything"

Updated on December 6, 2007

A friend described his feelings about the new season this way, "I cannot tell you the state of bliss it put me in to have the new season up and running." Don't we all feel the same way? I know I do!

Heidi had the designers choose models from the button bag and all (including me) were wild with anticipation about the challenge to design an outfit for a pop culture and fashion icon. Who could it be now? Madonna? Britney? When Sarah Jessica Parker entered (introduced by a blushing Tim Gunn) I was not surprised by the applause or the gasping with mouth covered gays but the crying? And speaking of Ricky going to turn out to be the new Andre (from season two) with all his crying?

The challenge is to design a two-piece look for SJP's new fall/winter Bitten collection with only $15 to retail for under $40. The designers pitch and seven are chosen. Kevin forgets to shake her hand on his exit, Chris gushes, Christian asks for a hug while Rami's design that can go from a size two to someone who's eating for two catches SJP's eye. "She likey!" SJP almost gets my quotes of the week with her "Fashion shouldn't be a luxury" and "Quality shouldn't be a privilege."

As the teams form for the challenge the designers had to be thanking the stars above that they were not with fabric spit imbibing Elisa. Sweet P did a sweet job of reining her in and gets my quote of the week, "Basically, I'm on planet earth and Elisa is on some happy planet. I'm not sure of the name." Brilliant! Although Elisa gets defensive on the Tim walk-through (and him telling her that her methods are "cuckoo") she compromises and her design impresses the judges. Victorya and Kevin's vested interest is an interesting look with racer back vest and bowed dress beneath which wins the runway.

Christian and Carmen are confident and cocky but their look ends up being almost as 80's as their hair. Christian's almost dismissal of Nina and Michael then asking for SJP's opinion gets an eye brow raise from me and I'm sure many of you. Lenny and Squiggy...I'm sorry, I mean Steven and Marion seem to be in trouble from the start - "hello" and their Pocahontas meets Thunderdome knit creation takes on a droopy life of its own on the runway causing Steven to become the "lone wolf" when Squiggy/Marion gets auf'd.

As much as we all love the designers and Tim Gunn I have to say my favorite part of every episode is when the judges kibbitz about the looks. Is there anything better than hearing Heidi say she doesn't understand an outfit, Nina saying she hates something or Michael Kors talking about "sad" looks that make him sad? "You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the Facts of Life" right Mr. Kors?

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    • Aman deep Garg profile image

      Aman deep Garg 9 years ago

      I very well agree with your content and heading too.Nice hub.keep it up.