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Quinceanera Invitations As Unique As Your Imagination!

Updated on December 5, 2008
Formal Invitation Reading
Formal Invitation Reading
Invitation in a Bottle
Invitation in a Bottle
Invitation and a Lei
Invitation and a Lei

Think Outside the Envelope!

Every young Quince wants unique Quinceanera invitations to announce her celebration. It's easy to do-it-yourself using supplies at the local craft store, but thinking waaayyyyy outside the envelope can really get your imagination juices flowing. And it's a blast just just coming up with possibilities!

You can always get Quinceanera invitations on a budget, but start by putting cost aside and considering invitations that can't be delivered in a flat envelope via standard mail service. What if you could send them in a box? Or a bottle? Or a piece of leather? Post cards actually used to be made of leather, and with a small up charge the post office will still deliver a wide variety of shapes and sizes. I mailed a small party in a two liter plastic bottle once. It had confetti, colored balls, candy, and bells. I just slapped a colored address label on the bottle took it to the post office. It got lots of attention both when I mailed it and when my friend received it at work!

Consider your theme to get you started on ideas, and don't limit yourself by what the post office can do. If your theme is Renaissance Princess, could your Quinceanera invitations be delivered by a knight on a white horse? OK, in lower Manhattan that might be a stretch, but then again think of the impact! Impossible?? Even for a few of your guests? Even in your wildest dreams? You may be surprised what singing telegram business are willing to do. What about having invitations delivered by a town crier, a “casting director” for a Hollywood theme, or a clown for a circus theme? You can get really creative if you have a theme for your Quinceanera.


Princess Quince
Princess Quince
Arabian Scroll
Arabian Scroll
A knight to deliver your invitations?
A knight to deliver your invitations?

Disney is the benchmark for imagination, and in fact will host your Disney theme Quinceanera. But nothing keeps you from taking their ideas to host your own. For example, if you choose an Aladdin theme for your sweet 15 your invitations could be rolled in a scroll and placed in a genie’s bottle. The "message in a bottle" idea could also be used for a beach or surf-themed Quinceanera. Or if Hawaiian luau is the theme, invitations could be attached to an actual lei (that flower necklace that Hawaiians wear) and delivered in person by your chambelanes dressed in white pants and Hawaiian shirts. If you're using a princess theme, your invitations could be read aloud and in person in the traditional manner of a royal servant (costumed appropriately, of course), who leaves behind the formal paper invitation. If your theme is rock & roll, your invitations could be in the form of a concert poster, or delivered by a rocker in black or red leather pants. Could you imagine Alice Cooper (or his look-alike) taking on the honor of delivering your Quinceanera invitations?

As an exercise, the sky is the limit when thinking of ideas for the most unique Quinceanera invitations. Begin with no limits on budget, vehicles, materials, and personnel. Only after you have some ideas should you begin to introduce the realistic limitations. But don't forget to include all your assets in this stage of the planning. Your family, Quinceanera court, and friends might jump at the chance to do something out of the ordinary to help make your event extra special. And If your stallion happens to be black instead of white, you just have to settle. Your local costume store can be a real asset as well.

After the brainstorming, you may end up deciding to go with the traditional formal invitations, in which case you can't go wrong. This method has all the elegance and tradition to support any Quinceanera celebration. But if you want the Quinceanera invitations that no girl has ever used (or at least not for many years), don’t be afraid to “think outside the envelope!”

Unique Invitations?

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Special Invitations

Laura Ashley Butter Cream Jacket Invitation Kit
Laura Ashley Butter Cream Jacket Invitation Kit

Gorgeous invitations for Quinceanera.



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