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Updated on September 13, 2008
Our pride
Our pride

The Meaning


Respect, means to treat others with consideration, either in their ideas, belief, and occupation or in person with honor and high regards, because every persons that exist in this world qualify for respects. From what I read and understanding, it is a reality that we can't ignore, if we want to live in a multi-racial society of our modern world today. Any where we live, as a human being, respect, as I should say should be earned, with pride and dignity.


Must, a word that expressing an immediate, or future obligation or necessity on one character for a desirable, or advisable that is acceptable to the norm of behavior on one social and culture, and strengthen by rule or laws that is enforce surrounding the usage of the words. We, as a persons who wants respect because of our pride and dignity, should always remember where we stand as a person, means where, and which community we are.

Be, are used to indicate that it is our duty or necessity to attribute for our understanding to produce the desired character of quality that is acceptable.

Earned, as we know is a word what we get in return for our work, or as a reward for one's qualities that produce great self satisfaction.

With, is a word that indicate having, carrying, or characterized by, which is a cause for us to feel satisfaction for what we have done.

Pride, on the other hand, is a feeling of satisfaction arising from what we has done, or from persons, things, etc, we is concerned with. As persons that need to have a social chain such family, friends, colleague, neighbors, community, and a country, the knowledge of one's worth and character is a very important in our lives to have as tools for us to gain respect from. On this new frontier of our world today, where there are no more boundaries to separate us, respect should come as an important instrument for us to succeed in relationship or networking, without taking the advantages or disadvantages of other weaknesses.

And, is a word use to connect word closely, which has a connection in terms of the words usages or meaning.

Dignity is a word that explains one cause to appear worthy or honorable that is the quality that one earns or deserves respects. We, as a person or persons, have different character that arise from one back ground of being brought up, belief, and education, and as a persons dignity they have the right to insist upon being treated with proper respect, or have the right to refuse to do what one considered to be below one's moral, social, value or standards.


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