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RSS Feeds – They’re Just Magic, That’s All

Updated on June 10, 2008

When I began my website in 2006 I knew little about the whole website designing business. And I'm a little proud of the fact that I still know just as little today after three years of the site being in existence. As I'm sure the more web educated among us have just clicked to another blog about something technical, it'll just leave us normal folks here for this blog. Whew. You see I looked online for all the web designing websites and programs and found one that was basically "web designs for dummies" (It's in case anyone is interested). Of course I did manage to make things sparkle a bit more than the regular templates suggest as a way to add that little something extra to my site. So when I got my "Don't Get Me Started" blog on my site it said that it had an "RSS" feed option I added it without really ever knowing what it meant. But lately I sort of figured out what to do with that whole RSS feed and all I know is that RSS feeds - they're just magic, that's all - Don't Get Me Started!

You see, I use Internet Explorer and I also have Google as my home page. Now I love the fact that recently Google has made it possible to have your home page designed by a world class designer. That's right, imagine the leopard fur from Dolce Gabbana as the backdrop to all the "stuff" that you can add to your homepage. It's completely customizable and they call it "iGoogle." You can add really important stuff, you know, like your daily horoscope, art of the day and the headlines from People magazine (I'll admit that I also have CNN, MSNBC and NPR headlines on there too). Now on a side note, is the whole "i" before everything getting on anyone else's nerves but me? I get that the Ipod changed everyone's life as we know it but come on copycatters can't we just let Apple have their lowercase "i" or is the entire world desperate for attention in an e.e. cummings kind of lowercase way? It's like the whole "green" thing. Everything has to be "green" now. I don't get it, I know we're supposed to be environmentally conscious but to tell the truth I've never looked good in green and I gotta go with my pal Kermit on this one that "it ain't easy being green." But I digress.

So along with the latest Internet Explorer and one of the "stuff" things you can add to your iGoogle is an RSS feed. I know what it does, I just don't know how it works and to be honest, I don't want to know. It's sort of like figuring out who the tooth fairy is, how they get Peter Pan to fly and finding out that Larry King is completely animatronics at this point (oops). On sites and blogs (like mine) that have the RSS feed, you can actually store this in your favorites or put it on your iGoogle homepage and when there's a new post, voila! It magically appears on your homepage automatically. (Well at least from my standpoint)

So, if you all ready have RSS feeds on your homepage, website or whatever, it's time to add one more. That's right, all of this admitting how stupid I am is really just the big lead up for me to give you the RSS feed to my Don't Get Me Started blog. Ready kids?

Don't delay, add it today, and you will get all the latest Don't Get Me Started blogs direct to your site or homepage. Is there anything better than that? I think not! (or should that be "i" think not?) Whatever! RSS Feeds - They're just magic, that's all - Don't Get Me Started!

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