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Rams’ All-Time Rushing Yardage Leaders

Updated on February 3, 2009

Eric Dickerson

Marshall Faulk

Lawrence McCutcheon

The Rams began as an NFL franchise in 1937 as the Cleveland Rams, moved to Los Angeles in 1946, and then to St. Louis in 1995. They made the Super Bowl once, and two other championships before that, but with 503 total wins, this has mostly been a winning franchise. Here is a list of the Rams’ Top 10 in rushing all-time:

Eric Dickerson (7245)—Eric Dickerson was one of the best running backs in the NFL over the course of his career, and he began that career with the Los Angeles Rams in 1983, playing there until a trade sent him to Indianapolis in 1987. Dickerson may have only played in L.A. for four-plus seasons, but he ranks first in franchise history with 7245 rushing yards, and made first team All Pro three times with the Rams. He also holds the NFL single-season rushing mark with 2105 yards, set in 1984. That was Dickerson’s best season, and he also had 14 rushing touchdowns that year, adding 21 receptions for 139 yards as well. In addition, Dickerson’s 13,259 career rushing yards ranks him sixth in NFL history.

Marshall Faulk (6959)—Like Dickerson, Marshall Faulk also played for the Colts, beginning his career in Indianapolis in 1994. But after Faulk signed with the Rams in 1999, he took his career to another level, playing on those “Greatest Show on Turf” teams, one of which won it all in 1999, and played there until retiring in 2005. Faulk made the Pro Bowl four times in St. Louis, the first three as a first team All Pro. He ranks second in Rams’ history with 6969 rushing yards, and his best season among several great ones was in 2001. That year, Faulk had a career high 1382 rushing yards with 12 rushing TDs, adding an astounding 83 catches for 765 yards and 9 more touchdowns as a receiver.

Lawrence McCutcheon (6186)—Lawrence McCutcheon played for the Los Angeles Rams most of his career, from 1973 to 1979, helping them reach the Super Bowl in his final season there. McCutcheon ranks third in Rams’ history with 6186 rushing yards, and his best season there was 1977, one of five Pro Bowl seasons. That year, McCutcheon rushed for a career best 1238 rushing yards with 7 rushing TDs, adding 25 catches for 274 yards and 2 more touchdowns out of the backfield.

Dick Bass (5417)—Dick Bass was mostly a fullback who played his entire career with the Los Angeles Rams from 1960 to 1969. Bass ranks fourth in team history with 5417 rushing yards, and made the Pro Bowl three times. His best season was 1966, when Bass rushed for career highs in yards (109) and rushing scores (8), adding 31 catches for another 274 yards as well.

Steven Jackson (5291)—Steven Jackson had big shoes to fill, taking over the Faulk in 2005. Jackson has been with the Rams his entire career, since 2004, and in that short time, already ranks fifth in the Rams’ history with 5291 rushing yards. Jackson’s best season was his lone Pro Bowl campaign of 2006. That year, Jackson rushed for career highs in yards (1528) and rushing TDs (13), adding 90 catches for 806 yards and 3 more touchdowns as a receiver—for a total of 2334 yards from scrimmage and 16 total touchdowns. The 2334 total yards is the fifth best single season in NFL history.

Dan Towler (3493)—Fullback Dan Towler played his entire career for the Rams, from 1950 to 1955, and made the Pro Bowl four times, once as a first team All Pro. Towler ranks sixth in franchise history with 3493 rushing yards, and his best season was 1952, the same year he was All Pro. That year, Towler rushed for a career high 894 rushing yards with 10 rushing scores, adding 11 catches for 68 yards as a receiver.

Les Josephson (3407)—Les Josephson played his whole career in Los Angeles, from 1964 to 1974, and ranks seventh in team history with 3407 rushing yards. Josephson had his best season in 1967, when he made the Pro Bowl by rushing for a career best 800 yards, with 4 rushing touchdowns. He also had 37 receptions for another 400 yards and 4 more receiving TDs that season.

Tank Younger (3296)—Tank Younger played for the Rams most of his career, from 1949 to 1957, and made the Pro Bowl four times, once as a first team All Pro selection. Younger ranks eighth in Rams’ history with 3296 rushing yards. His best season was 1955, when Younger rushed for a career best 644 yards with 5 rushing TDs, adding 6 catches for 51 yards out of the backfield.

Wendell Tyler (3266)—Wendell Tyler played the first six years of his career in Los Angeles, from 1977 to 1982. Tyler ranks ninth in franchise history with 3266 rushing yards, and his best season for the Rams was 1981. That year, Tyler rushed for 1074 yards with a career best 12 rushing touchdowns, adding 45 catches for another 436 yards and 5 more TDs as a receiver (all receiving career highs).

Cullen Bryant (3119)—Cullen Bryant was a fullback who played for the Rams for several years—from 1974 to 1982 and then again in 1987. Bryant ranks tenth in Rams’ history with 3119 rushing yards, and his best season for them was 1980 when he started all 16 games. That year, Bryant rushed for a career high 807 yards with 3 rushing touchdowns, adding 53 receptions for another 386 yards and 3 more TDs as well.



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    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 8 years ago from California

      I was a Ram fan for many years. This is a nice trip down memory lane. I often waxed euphoric when I watched Dickerson run. Dick Bass was fun to watch as well. "The Scooter" they called him.