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Randon Playstation 3 Xbox 360 And Nintendo Wii INformation

Updated on August 27, 2008

Random Video Game Ramblings

1. PS3 v.s. Xbox: Meaningful numbers

I’m sure you’ve all looked at the numbers or console technical specs when deciding which console is truly more powerful, the PS3 or the Xbox360. The gaming industry has a history of making such a big fuss about the numbers and even those that don’t matter at all. Worse, some even make up some numbers that are clearly way off reality. So you may say that this is better because this is 64-bit, but translate that into actual gaming experience and we’ll see what you come up with.

Technical specs can easily be modified just like statistics in such a way that you can change perceptions by selectively focusing on what you measure and the way it is measured. Microsoft was the first one to release the next generation console so it had to release the spec sheet first. Meaning, Sony’s marketing team was able to take a peek at it and focus on a marketing strategy that shows you the PS3s 51 billion operations per second during Sony’s press conference after Microsoft boasted its 9 billion operations per second mark.

Little do most people know that Sony combined both CPU and GPU performance numbers to come up with that mark and Microsoft only considered the performance of their CPU unit. The differences between the two aren’t so great when you consider that the Xbox 360 has 33.6 billion operations per second under its belt if you include their GPU.

But specifications should not be ignored altogether – of course all of them are relevant in one way or the other. Let’s take a look at the differences for the processors. Sony’s PS3 has a 3.2GHz Cell processor which includes a single core with seven SPUs or synergistic processing units.

There is an 8th SPU for contingency purposes. In contrast, the Xbox 360 has three dual-threaded cores than can handle a grand total of six threads at a time. Barring all other scientific and mathematical proofs, the Cell Processor can smoke the Xbox 360 at any time due to its brute force.

2. PS3 Online Service

SCEA has announced way back in October 2006 that it plans to unveil the online and network service provided through the PS3. Although not as popular as Microsoft’s Xbox live online service it will offer distinct benefits to players, consumers, and developers altogether. The gamers will be able to enjoy the wide support of PS3 network capabilities on games with features such as being free. Yes, Free.

The developers will also have an easier time to because of the open platform policy. This will allow the developers more creativity in the development of their games and services. Of course the ideal end result will hope to be more than just a place to play games with one another. It hopes to be an environment with a strong sense of community which binds all gamers together.

The gateway to the Playstation Network is what is known as the XMB or the Xross Media bar. It’s a navigational system that allows the gamer to experience a suite of entertainment features in different areas such as network and web connectivity and others such as movies and music. The XMB interface has already been featured on more than 15 million PSPs worldwide.

The online Playstation store allows gamers to find downloadable items such as game-related content, downloadable casual (normal) games, as well as game demos. There are play only on PS3 titles such as Blast Factor which is developed by Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios. There are rumors of being able to download full movies or tv shows on a pay per download basis.

Gamers will be able to create a unique profile. Through this they will not only be able to communicate with other online PS3 users but they will also be given the opportunity to have an e-wallet which sort of acts like Paypal. The downloadable games cost around $15. Of course, Sony promises that content will be added on a regular basis.

The only downside to this is that Xbox live would be a much more stable environment to play in since it has been around longer than the Playstation Network.

3. A Great Time for Gaming

Everything seems to be special about the video games of today. Truly it is an exciting time to be playing video games right now. The recent releases of Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 (as well as Xbox 360 a while back) have brought the gaming experience to a whole new level. If people are willing to camp out of stores for a week before the release of their favorite game console then there must really be something exciting about the next generation consoles as well as the games that you can play with them. Customer satisfaction today will be at its finest.

Most gamers today are so happy that they don’t mind shelling out another $400 to $600 and some even more than $1000 to get the next generation consoles. The new features of the new systems offer Motion-Sensitive Remotes, Online services, Wi-fi Support, and HD (high definition) gaming support. These are novelties in the previous consoles but seem to be nothing short of a standard for the next generation of consoles in the market. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are now killing each other for market share in the race for total domination of the computer game industry.

The Playstation has dominated the race for years since its debut back in 1995 (Playstation 1). Then the console wars took over. Years after the Playstation 2 was released and then Microsoft launched its first console machine, the Xbox. After a few more years, Microsoft has launched the Xbox 360, followed by Sony’s own behemoth the PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii. Both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 have hefty price tags but the Nintendo Wii is good news for parents in a box because it sells for less than the former two.

With the impressive graphics displays and the new gaming experience brought about by new controller technology, this is truly a great era for gaming. We can only expect that games become more enjoyable and fun to play with friends and family.

4. Some Wii and PS3 Expectations

The Japanese gaming industry is experiencing some unusually interesting times. The Wii and the DS are dominating the charts while Sony’s platforms, more specifically the PS3 and the PSP are faltering and are not doing as well as expected. A few analysts have shared their thoughts on what was happening. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Eiji Maeda of Daiwa Securities has pointed his finger on Virtua Fighter 5 as a key software title for this year. He says that the sale of this title is very important for the Playstation 3 as a whole. Nomura’s Sakurai also mentioned Gundam Musou as a key title for this year and added Monster Hunter Portable 2nd as one of the key drivers for more sales. This game is expected to push the PSP’s miniscule but deceptively powerful hardware to the hilt.

PS3 sales are down and most analysts believe that Sony will not be able to get their actual sales target of 6 million. In contrast however, Nintendo is expected with much fervor and optimism to ship out six million Wii units across the globe. The demand for the Wii isn’t expected to die down any time soon. Both systems have been plagued by supply problems as global demand is so huge that production cannot keep up with it.

Summer of 2007 will be the most interesting season. A lot of analysts believe that the PS3 will set itself up to be the number one gaming system in 3 to 5 years. The first manifestation of this reality will hopefully happen at the end of the fiscal year of 2007. The current state of PS3 being readily available when Wiis are nowhere to be found will most likely continue for the mean time as supply shortages haven’t been addressed as well.

5. Nintendo Being Sued over Patent Issues

Interlink Electronics have decided to sue Nintendo because its Wii-mote is so similar to the electronic device that they themselves patented last year. One surprising thing is that it’s not the way the devices are used that is similar but the main problem seems to be that they have the same/similar button and trigger layout. If you take a look at Interlink’s remote, you can check out the patent for yourself, you’ll soon find out that it’s not to be used for movement in a virtual three dimensional environment to operate an “electronic device” like the Wii-mote. The pointing device of Interlinks rather talks of using the buttons on the remote to cause a certain movement on the screen which acts more of an infrared mouse rather than a game controller.

Interlinks has patented a “Trigger Operated Electronic Device” which was filed under patent no. 6850221. They patented the device in 1997 which was granted eight years later in 2005. Surprisingly they want to file a restraining order on the sale of Wii-mote. The whole thing will probably cost big for Nintendo but not big enough to put a dent on strong Wii sales.

The layout is really similar even if you take a look at the batteries in the back. Nintendo isn’t too worried about this as it may not even reach the jury because Interlink’s device doesn’t require actual physical movement. Maybe they’re just asking for money but surely we can expect Nintendo to drop a little cash on their faces just to make them go and drop the accusations. Besides, Nintendo is standing strong behind an army of Wii fans and Nintendo fans alike.

You can check out the patent for yourself by Google-ing it.

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