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Raven Is Laughing Again...

Updated on February 26, 2008

....Thank you Nussentials

Raven is my three year old granddaughter who was recently diagnosed with "Perthes Disease", a degenerative bone condition that attacks the hips in young children under the age of 8.

In an X-Ray, her hips looked moth eaten. She was in constant pain. SItting, walking, moving would all cause severe pain. She has to be carried to the bathroom and held upright, crying the entire time. Can you image how helpless that makes you feel?

A trip to Children Hospital in Phoenix (GREAT hospital by the way, I highly recommend it!) let us know why this beautiful and normally happy child had quit laughing. They told us why screams replaced joy. "Perthes Disease". Yuk.

Treatment options included braces to hold her legs in a single position to allow the bone to regrow correctly. Supplements to ensure the growth. Drugs for pain management until things started to improve. Their treatment plan was mapped out in months.

I became a woman on a mission.

I represent a Health and Wellness company called Nussentials that sells products for joint pain, arthritis, improving the immune function, anti-aging and more... surely something would help.

RUN! was a capsule for arthritis and joint pain, and was the product I thought most likely to help. One little problem. She is three. She doesn't take pills. But it contained glucosamine and chrondriotin, two supplements the doctor's said might help. So, I did what any desperate woman would do. I openned the capsules and sprinkled the powder on her oatmeal. She refused to eat it. I mixed with juice, she refused to drink it. I blended and made popcicles out of it, still no dice.

I was still experimenting with ways to get these vital nutrients into her little body when Nussentials came out with a new product called RESTORE!. Yippie! It's a liquid!

I started mixing one ounce of RESTORE and one ounce of MULTI into her juice each morning when I made up the 2 liter jug she would drink from for the day. Success! A quick and easy way to get her taking the supplements she needed.

And guess what?

She now races me up the stairs... and wins!

Thank you Nussentials for another success story.

To Get Nussentials Product Info

To find out more about any or all of the Nussentials products, just follow this link. Nussentials Health and Wellness Products

To read more about what people are saying about the products, follow this link. Nussentials Is Changing Lives ~~ Stories From The Heart


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    • Cenay profile imageAUTHOR

      Cenay Nailor 

      10 years ago from Prescott Valley, AZ

      To see testimonials from others (not my family I mean), please visit

    • Cenay profile imageAUTHOR

      Cenay Nailor 

      10 years ago from Prescott Valley, AZ

      Nussentials has really helped many members of my family. My sister has lost weight with the LESS! product, my Mom's diabetes is under control and feeling has returned to her feet. To read more about THAT success story, visit


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